[Archive] Goblin warboss on gigantic spider question


Just a quick question. Does anyone know if the Goblin (and saddle) on the Goblin warboss on a Gigantic spider is separate or not?

I need a big spider for a campaign that I will be participating in, and I thought rather than just buying a spider, I could get this one, and only attach the rider after the campaign is over. This way I will end up witha more useful model after the campaign finishes, but it all depends on if the goblin is a separate piece or not.


There is no saddle. The goblin just stands on the spider. You should be fine with your idea.

Hashut’s Blessing:

GRNDL: it looks like he’s sat on it though? Are you thinking of the Forest Spider Riders? I think Neil is asking about the gigantic spider that is direct order only: See here

Having just had another look at it, It seems that you may have to glue the model to the platform and clip the platform off. Otherwise, it may be three separate pieces. I honestly couldn;t say (without speculation) without having bought the model. Sorry, Neil.


I am aware of the model and I have one in my possession, as I bought it for my forest goblin counts as wood elves army. The spider is separate. It has a small square lug hole in it, but it is completely separate.


Excellent. That is what I was hoping to hear.

Thank you :hat off