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Ishkur Cinderhat:

One day I will need more hobgoblins in my army. My idea is to convert regular goblins or night goblins, using the same kind of resin-cast converted torso/head pieses as I did with my chaos dwarf warriors.

Unfortunately, I have no idea what the goblin or nightgoblin sprues look like and if they even allow such a conversion attempt. Can anyone pls provide me with photos or description of what they look like, so that I could see if this will be doable at all?

Thx! :hat off


i have a box in front of me give me 10 minutes ill have the regular goblin box done for you. ive also had the same idea fr a while, but you can guess that if they are still on the sprues i still havent got around to it!

EDIT: ok i hope these are some use

as you can see the different parts are legs, bodies, arms and heads, joining pretty much where you would expect, as well as wolf rider legs which have bare feet i you prefer.

im sure there is a guide on here somewhere about extending the legs with wolf rider feet, and extending the body with a distended fat gut. thats what i hoping to do when i get round to it.

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Ishkur Cinderhat:

That’s perfect, thanks a lot torn!

Torso and head are separate, the arms can be added later and we have options for bows and hand weapons/spears. :slight_smile:

I don’t think making the legs longer would be really necessary. The legs of the old Hobgobbo miniatures seem to be quite short…?



Xander’s hobgoblin conversion, that was what i was thinking of. i havent really spent a lot of time thinking about the hobgoblins to be honest, i still have a black orc unit and earthshaker to paint first, so i might see what you come up with and get some inspiration from that.

Kera foehunter:

Torn do you have a green skin army too.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Ishkur, as can be seen in the photo of Mr. Xander’s hobgoblin conversion, you can just do a foot swap. Alternatively, you could straighten the legs of the wolfriders and put the feet at the right angles. This would give a little extra height by the looks of it, but keep the stooped look of the hobgoblin. It may be an idea to use the helmetless goblin heads as a base for the sculpt (and the bodies too, just sculpt robes over them), and then cast.


kera - nope no greenskin army, altough my brother has about a million points worth of night goblins if i need to steal spare parts. i only bought the goblins because i knew i would use them eventually and they were dirt cheap on ebay.

HB - personally think the easiest way would be to build up the legs, body and head how you want, cast those, and then add the arms seperatly. Im not sure how other people feel about using lots of rubber but im not too bothered. i personally would make about 10 different versions to be cast, meaning 10 molds, but a lot more variety in the end.

Kera foehunter:

man a pirate wouldn’t steal from there own kin!!! even to just enslave them latter.

ishkur have you though of using the new empier flagellants they are about the same size of hobgobos


well i prefer to use the BFSP night gobbos the way xander showed us, but that’s only because i can’s afford anything else

although if he based them after the old hobos, why cut off the spears?, i guess it’s for the fact they can’t have them in the curent rules

sorry thinking out loud again

Knight Of Awsome:

What xander did is to much work for 4 or 2pts(for me anyway). You could give them horns, that will make them look like mini bull goblins (bublins…lol). What kind of conversion ideas did you have in mind, Cinderhat?

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Kera, I don’t think the flagellants would do, their arms are too muscular for the hobgoblin physique.

Since I don’t own BFSP (and it’s much too late to buy it now, that I have a substantial part of my army finished ^^) my best bet would be to use the goblins regiment. I would certainly sculpt the torso and head together as one piece, and 4-5 different bodies should be enough to build a varied regiment - at least one with bows. Building one with hand weapons may be a bit more tricky… I could use the axes from the old dwarf regiment that I own, but they seem to be too high-tech for the average greenskin collaborator. :wink:

Is there any way to see the height difference between the hobgoblin legs and goblin legs?


Is there any way to see the height difference between the hobgoblin legs and goblin legs?

Ishkur Cinderhat
i dont own any original hogoblins for this one!

as far as hand weapons are concerned i have started trying to sculpt my own. to be honest the first few have come out absolutely awful and arent worth showing, but i have thought up an easier method and hopefully i should get a small collection of axes and maces and things i can then cast.

of course you could always cut down the spear lengths, and make an axe blade out of plasticard.

Kera foehunter:

well add elf arms and gobo heads they be perfect.old school hobgoblins


Goblins are so bulky, too bulky, in my opinion. The new Night Goblins would make a much better base, in my opinion.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Yeah but what do their sprues look like? Don’t they come with a complete body, or are torso and legs separate as well?


The old Night Goblin sprues are set up in much the same way as the regular Goblins pictured above - cloaked body, cloaked legs, a head and choice of weaponed arms. The new, 7th edition, night gobboes are head, torso and legs as one piece and a choice of weaponed arms.

For cut and splice conversions, the old ones are probably better. Their heads are also disproportionately large compared to their bodies so would scale up better.


I have old Night Goblins and Old Goblins. I find them far too beefy to mimic the thinness of the Hobgoblins. New Night Goblin are excellent. In fact I am setting 5 in a single mold, so now I can make them by the rank. :slight_smile:


There are a number of ways to do Hobgoblins.
You can use the BFSP Night Goblins and cut them in half and sculpt a longer torso to get the old school Hobgoblin look or take Goblin heads and put them on human (Brettonian or Empire) bodies for the DoW style Hobgoblin look.

Kera foehunter:

i use version 6 night gobo . there chest and legs arms and head are seperate


I love the current night goblins, which I’ve painted in the old hobbo scheme. When I get round to replacing them (I.e. when I have a spare $60 I want to waste) I’ll use common gobbos