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Hi guys, I’ve been lurking about the site for almost a week now and I’ve decided to make myself known. I’ve seen some of you on other sites than this, like dakkadakka and warseer, on dakka I’m known as burna stompa and on warseer I go by anointed_by_filth. A couple of weeks ago I decided that the next army I do for WFB will be chaos dwarfs and stumbled on this site when looking for information. I should be able to post my first model in the next couple of weeks, I don’t have the income to splatter up an entire army, but a friend owes me some stuff, so I should be able to toss up models once in awhile.


Welcome to the site Burna good to have you with us, looking forward to seeing your first models soon, what sort of style are you going for ?


As long as my friend that owes me the models gets the right one, I plan on chopping and cutting away at this model


to give it more chaos dwarfy appeal. I want to remove the face on the model and turn it into a more chaos dwarf helmet, I’m thinking I may put some more height on the helmet and flatten out the top to resemble the old hats, just not so super tall. The rest of the work is probably going to be filling in the filigri (sp?) on the armor and putting an appropriate beard on him before making that axe more cutty and stabby.


welcome Burna

hmm… a hat helmet with a flat top and not so tall sounds like a helmet i made for one of my warriors.

very good idea:P


You picked quite a tough model to start on, but I respect the enthusiasm!

Dedwrekka did a conversion on him with a hat.


Welcome to the forum. If you like converting figures then you certainly picked the right army.


I’ve never owned an army where something wasn’t converted. Did I mention I also have WFB and 40k Orc(k) armies? :smiley:


Looking forward to how this turns out its an good model to start with on of my favourite dwarf ones best of luck, post us some of your wip pics would like to see how it looks :slight_smile:


When I saw the title of this thread I thought someone was selling stock…


I am, you want to invest?


Sure have a bazilion cajillion 100 dollar bills, all monopoly money of course.