[Archive] Gold and Glory Issue 3


Thanks to Willmark Issue 3 of Dogs of War Onlines Webzine Gold and Glory is now up for download:

Gold and Glory

As you may read in the thread, this issue is a little light due to being let down by contributors. However with Willmark’s guidance (in the form of a whip knowing him :wink: ) Issue 4 is going to be a belter, so please don’t let this issue put you off.


In all I think it way not bad Baumann did a darn good job with not being a designer. As noted I will be stepping into produce the graphic work and layout for Issue #4. If I imagine right next one should be out in April.

And Baumann it’s a light saber not a whip! :wink:

Kera foehunter:

** Kera run over and gives Baumann a big ol hug **

Let me welcome you to the site first !!!

I think you did a great job on this issue

great job Willmark and co.