[Archive] Golden Hat #1 - Voting Thread!


Below are the 6 Entries received. In the spirit of non-biased voting, each of them is given a number. Pick which one you like the best, and cast your vote. All votes will be made public, and thus we shall know if people are creating accounts to vote for themselves, etc. It would also be appreciated if you tell us why you voted the way you did. I am proud of all the entrants! They have made fine examples for others to follow. May we inspire those onlookers and convert them into worshipers of Hashut!

Entry #1

Entry #2

Entry #3

Entry #4

Entry #5

Entry #6


May the best Chaos Dwarf win!

EDIT: Votes are in, check here for the winner!


Although I think his arm is bent at a little of an unnatural angle, I voted for number four. Nice paintjob and a good reinterpretation of the big hats. Number one would get my vote for second place, great conversion work and very Hellcannon-esque. It’s too bad we can’t allocate points to the entries rather than just simply choosing one.


The Flying Beaver:

It was a toss up between #6 and #4, but I eventually went with #4. Beautiful flesh tones and the scale mail is nice an clean. A bit shiny though- a coat of matte varnish could help it out.


Entry 1 is quite good, but suffers from a poor photo. I like the weapon choice, however I think the shoulder pad in the weapon arm is a little strangely positioned, and it looks like there is too much scale armour over the shield shoulder. I like the ashen basing though. Overall though an EXCELLENT effort, and I hope more are built.

Entry 2 I like this also, the skull mask really works well with that choice of helmut - makes it look like its strapped onto the bald head. I also like the usage of muscly arms. However I think the lower part of the helmut looks weird (the red bits). Personally I don’t like the shield positioning, however each to their own. And I’m not sure where your Dwarf is walking where there would be grass, however it does contrast well with the paintjob.

Entry 3 Blue skin is not how I imagine Chaos Dwarfs, however anything warped by Chaos can be any colour :slight_smile: I like the jaw with the tusks, however I am as with above unsure of the red helmut bit around the neck. I like your scale armour, and overall your model has the right bits to complement it well. The lack of basing though is a little disappointing.

Entry 4 My favourite (and not because of the big hat - although it helps). As somewhat of a traditionalist, I like the big hats on occasion, and this model has a toned down big hat in just the right sizing. Overall though, model looks a LOT like the old CDs and is very well done. This both the good and bad point about this model. It is extremely well done, has EXCELLENT greenstuff work (especially the face) and has a great paintjob to boot. Overall this model is VERY high quality - although a touch on the classic CD side.

Entry 5 is an excellently constructed model. This has the right pieces, and the colours (like the other blue one) are well done. The weapon choice is good, I like the beard and the helmut looks good, even the bit I had issue with in the other models, however the eyeholes are too high. What lets this model down however IMO is the different armour types. Keeping the chainmail is distracting, and I think an army modelled like this (with the chainmail replaced with scale) would look stunning.

Entry 6 is another traditional approach, also done well. The hat is pretty good, and the WiP really helps to gain an appreciation of the work. The beard is well done, and the shield is an interesting choice (however the holes wouldn’t be that useful in battle :wink: I’m not a fan of flat bases though, even if stones are painted on - and well.

I can’t flaw the model, it is very well done, however to me it doesn’t stand out as much as the other old-style one. Really good job though, and I hope you do many, many more.

Well Done all!! :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Such a damned difficult decision. They all look so flippin’ awesome in their individual ways. But, for me, some of the masks look a little “splodgy” for lack of a better word (this is not meant to sound horrible!). In the end, for me, it boils down to the two with hats. (Not JUST because I’m a hat man, though! I have tried to avoid that from influencing me at all!) I am not sure as to which to vote for yet, I will compare them for another day or so. I am slightly leaning towards entry #6 because #4 looks slightly hunched in a less than natural manner (apologies, this isn’t meant to sound mean if it does. They are all far better than I could achieve.). I prefer the skin colour of #4 though, however, the colour scheme is SLIGHTLY too close to Khornate for me (which is fine if that’s what you wanted or just coincidental, but I’m basing this on what I would have/buy. [If I was buying, I’d probably get both!]) and whilst I love the fact that you have put Hashut’s symbol on it, due to the colour scheme, people MAY (only MAY) galnce and think it’s a Dwarf of Khorne. I must ponder for a while more. I can find things that I would change about them, but there are so many more things that I wouldn’t. Just to pick one now.


Warlord: give me a break, I did the entire thing in one day :stuck_out_tongue:

But there’s some really great stuff here indeed.:hat off


Warlord: give me a break, I did the entire thing in one day :P
But there's some really great stuff here indeed.:hat off

Your name is not beside your entry. So refrain from revealing which is yours until the week has elapsed and the voting is done. ;)



I voted #4. An excellent update of the 5th edition style, very cleanly done.

#1 was second choice, some very nice sculpting on there, excellent armour style, would make a great elite unit model.


I liked number four the best also.

Number 1 had lots of originality but as mentioned above, it suffers from the poor photo.


Your name is not beside your entry. So refrain from revealing which is yours until the week has elapsed and the voting is done.
Ah, sorry about that... But I can't say I revealed much? :shy:


You didn’t, I was just giving you the heads up. :slight_smile:


#4 for me - I prefered #1 ‘style’ wise as I am mask fan all the way, but #4 was executed a little better - neater conversion and paint so thats where my vote goes.

Overall a fantasitic quality to those that participated - you should all be proud! Pity we didnt get a few more but for a fledglings website FIRST comp its not a bad showing. Quality over quantity for sure!

I made an entry too, but RL stopped me getting it painted:P


I am sure we have no qualms with a picture of the conversion. :stuck_out_tongue:


I went for number 6, because to convert the shield arm to carry that beautifull shield is awesome work.

The paint job is very tidy and the rest of the converting is good as well.

Shame the base isn’t more detailed, but there we go.

I will add more comments on the other entries at some point.

Uzkul Werit:

For me (being the Pro Big Hat person), it is definitely number four as number six doesn’t have enough pictures to look at it.

Out of the masks, Number 3 is pretty good.

Lord Archaon:

I vote for Number 6 because of his quite face and a great choice of ammunition.:cheers


I really liked both #2 and #4, but in the end #4 won out because of the standard of the sculpting, especially on the face. Although I was previously fairly anti-big hat, some of the conversions on this website are converting me!

#2 is a nice conversion which scored points from me because it looked nice while being a relatively quick and easy conversion.

I agree with the originality award for #1 - I really like this look and elements of it will end up in one or another elements of my army.

The sculpting on #5 was really nice, especially on the scale mail but the mask just wasn’t scary or evil enough for my tastes.