[Archive] Golden Hat #5 - Winner!


CONGRATS to Grimstonefire, Clam, and Abyss for placing!

ALso, Kudos to all who entered, and those who voted, all of whom helped make this event one to remember!

Great work!


I've heard that. Can;t remember who said it. I agree anyway ;) I never said I was displeased with my resulting model, I just expected it to occur. Curse the fine sculptors and painters!

Hashut's Blessing
pretty much the same here i got 0 votes but im still happy with my finished model, but i always knew there were so many better painters here. at the end of the day bettering your past achievements is more important than bettering everyone else.

I dont think there a single entry that you would say was badly done, and i would say that CDO possibly has the most skilled modelers and painters of any army specific web forums ive ever seen. The whole community breeds improvement, and im sure your pushed as much as i am to make your nest GH entry even better!


what is interesting is that vexxus managed to get more votes than his much more chaos dwarf experienced brother lol

i wonder if that is going to be brought up around the table at thanksgiving :P

Its true, I have experience with greenskins seeing as we painted a bunch of orcs and gobbos in the early stages.

Plus, who doesn't think that an Ostermark-Clad Empire Soldier, being ruthlessly skewered by a hobgob, is way cool.


Not cool enough to place though... maybe next time!!


lol i was wrong, i thought iskur’s was #2


Special mention goes to GRNDL- best commentary on the entries!

Awww, shucks. /scuffs toes
I guess sometimes it pays to waffle. I'm good at that.


congrat to the winners and ofcours the rest who has entered this competition


WOW! A 2nd place i my first GH and for the first painted Chaos Dwarf in many, many years. Thank you all! This should really motivate me doing some serious painting sessions now - and bring some paint on my Raiding Party and that collection of classics.

And a big congrats to GFS - that entry is such a brilliant sculpt - a true winner :hat off :hat off

So what a great day it was, a silver medal, a Marauder Mage by post and then this:

Seeing as I already have a copy of WD Presents: Chaos Dwarfs, I offer this to 2nd place.  So Clam if you want this it’s yours!

… really don’t know what to say … it so generous of you passing this reward on to me. I have read the book a few times in the past, but I don’t own a copy of it myself - so ‘yes’ I want it very, very much - thank you!

And like so many others, I would also like to add a big Kudos to all who entered, and those who voted. I hope this would be the standard for all future Golden Hat Competitions :cheers


I voted for 1st, 2nd, and 4th!

Well done, everyone! I have little doubt that most of these entries would have been in first place if this had been Golden Hat #1, which goes to show the immense distance this site has come, and the great effort put into it by Xander and all the Mods.

And I came 10th, which is a nice, round number, so that’s good too.


gratz to winners, and all who entered :wink:


Congrats everyone! what a fantastic GH competition, let’s have more of this please!! (sorceror for GH6!!:cheers)

:hat off to all medal winners!!!


At this point we are disussing whether or not we want to have GH6 to help out Border Town Burning, and their Mordheim supplement. They need pictures of Chaos Dwarf warbands by the end of June! Should we help the Chaos Dwarfs beyond these walls?


YES lets do it for GH 6 .I think it would be great to have CDmordheim warbands:hat

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Well the rules and characters from the CD list surely offer enough converting and painting potential. Although I’ve never played Mordheim, I suppose there is a points limit as well that is agreed before starting a group…? So that’s something that would need to be fixed first.


As much as the mordhiem idea sounds fun, i think a whole warband may be a bit much for a lot of people. I think a better idea for a mordhiem warband would be something like what i did with a bloodbowl site a few years ago. Everyone picks one model from the pre-written list, makes it, paints it, all to a specific theme (we did norse in blue and white, thats as complicated as it needs be).

Then what you do is post your entries to someone, probably xander. they are then all photographed, judged, and whoevers model wins, win the whole warband.

i know this is a a very different approach to everyone just painting their own warband, but it would be a great prize for the winner to have, and it would be cool for it to be something we all did together.


Well earned Clam. Great work.

While a lot to ask I think helping Border Town Burning helps us as well. In other words there are plenty of reasons to help them, one of them helping to raise the exposure of Chaos Dwarfs.


this site


2004 legacy team, my username was tomb.

basically would enable us to create 1 whole (possibly with extras) warband, that would be of much higher standard than if we all did one separately, and im sure border town burning would still get all the pics they need.


At this point we are disussing whether or not we want to have GH6 to help out Border Town Burning, and their Mordheim supplement.  They need pictures of Chaos Dwarf warbands by the end of June!  Should we help the Chaos Dwarfs beyond these walls?

That sounds cool. I think I may work on a warband even if it's not for GH6!! Is there a PDF file for the gang, I can't seem to download it from the BTB website?

If you decide this isn't going to be a GH, then maybe a warband thread in the project development would be in order.

@ Ishkur:

You have a limited budget of Gold Crowns to start your warband, then after that, you gain money from missions, and get experience etc. Basically, the warband would be made up by a number of heroes and hencmen, as the campaign goes on, you end up with a bigger warband because you have more money to spend (in theory, but if you lose a lot, then it is in fact the opposite that happens!).

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I think first of all we need to chill a bit after the awesome hype and excitement of Golden Hat V. :wink:

However, if BTB need the pictures in June, then this next Golden Hat could take place in about two months, which would give us enough time to collect some creative energies again. ^^ And, say four miniatures as warband is the same amount of work as was done for the “slaves” GH.


Download the Mordheim list and take a look.

For the purposes of this contest, we would allow the inclusion of models already painted for your army if they can be used in place of the models in the list. Since each warband needs a Sorcerer and Chaos Dwarfs, you could use your already painted models to represent those. The only model exclusive to the list is a Gaoler, which is a special Chaos Dwarf. So the idea might be to have GH6 be about making a Gaoler, then including pics of your Warband when combined with other CDs you already have, and a sorcerer.

Who here doesn’t yet have a painted sorcerer, or warriors?

Princess Peachie:

WOW!!! Congrats everyone!!! <3

Pops champagne and colourful fireworks explode

Especially congrats to Grimstone for getting 1st! ;3