[Archive] Golden Hat #7 - Winner!


Congratulations to Warplock Monkey on capturing the title for Golden Hat VII which required entrants to create a duel involving Chaos Dwarfs against some other foe.

Overall I was quite pleased on the entries and though that several members who did enter created some great work, and improved on their hobby skills.

But without anymore preamble, on to the results:

Entry #1- Furrie

Entry #2- Grimstonefire

Entry #3- GRNDL

Entry #4- Kera Foehunter

Entry #5- Pyro Stick


Entry #6- Warplock Monkey

1st: Warplock Monkey
2nd: GRNDL
3rd (Tie): Grimstonefire
3rd (Tie): Pyro Stick

Congrats to Warplock Monkey who not only wins the GHVII medal, but also get enshrined in the Hall of Golden Hat Fame. There were many nice comments about the awesomeness of the sculpts so make sure you get some better pic up there Warplock!

One side note since there were less then 10 entries only the Gold medal is awarded this time around, so next time lets see everyone put there best foot forward. So congratulations on wrapping up another successful year for Golden Hat competitions and now turn we turn our attention to our final contest of the year Artisan’s Contest III

In closing: round of applause for all, well done and well earned.



Gratz Warplock! Don’t let the GH go to your head, now. Its for the mantle…


gratz warplock

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Good work mate! :cheers:

btw, thought it was yours! :stuck_out_tongue:

Kera foehunter:

great job!!!warplock !!!Whooo h0oo

great job to all of you guys !!!


Well done Warplock.  A nice birthday present for you!

I think we all did well, I’m especially pleased that I finally got to put together and paint all the old projects I’ve had on the go for years.

It’s also interesting that with 7 golden hats finished we’ve yet to have anyone with 2 golds.


Indeed great job to everyone involved.


A hearty Thankyou to ALL who voted for me! Finally i have won a Golden Hat! ticks ‘Winning a GH’ off ‘Things to do Before I Die’ list

And sorry for the lack of pictures…they were the only good ones taken quickly before a trip to GW…and they pleaded to have it in the cabinet…so no more can be taken for a while :~

Thanks again once more!:stuck_out_tongue:

- Warplock :cheers


I guess I ought to award that badge. :wink: Well earned! Now you have to post MUCH bigger pictures of it, please!! :smiley:

Well done to all! I was really impressed with the entries! Great job guys.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Well done not just to Warplock but to everyone


ahhhh, Warplock and GRNDL… yours were my big toss ups in the end. (but as I said before, all were great!) but especially impressive and congrats to you Warplock! :slight_smile: well deserved!


Hashut’s Blessing:

Very well deserved, in my opinion! Congratulations…