[Archive] Golden Hat Entry: Khan on hobhound


Hey again!

Just started on my golden hat entry, a khan riding a hobhound

This is it so far

Very early in sculpting so don’t judge yet!


Looking killer so far! Nice paint job on the Hero as well!


The sorcerer looks like he is running away! It looks good so far.


I’m starting today, just need to find a colour scheme for greenskins

WM. looks good so far, like the face

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I like the wolf’s face. Shows the right attitude :wink:


I like the face and whole hulking appearance fits in with hunched backed hobbo’s v nicely, plus hob-hounds are dam cool and should never have bin dropped, updates would be nice, if there allowed in the GH rules

Lord Darkash:

Oh dear. Need to raise my game if im to compete then. :frowning:


Have almost finished rider, just need to wait untill i buy a goblin regement on wednesday for some arms!

Construction on the hobhound has been halted for two reasons:

1. Lack of greenstuff, that guy needs alot! Will stock up on said wednesday

2. been sidetracked by another sorcerer, will get pics soon!


its loking good so far, im just curious why your using twisted together green stuff instead of a suitable wire for the armature on the front legs, unless it is just green wire and im very mistaken. has given me ideas anyway . . .

i love the bulkiness of the shoulders, and is it made from a boar? a whole unit of these guys would be so cool.


its wire (with insulation) look closer :wink:



It is made from a boar! Well spotted! If possible i would cast theese and either sell or use them for my own personal use, but i do not know how :~


Really nice idea to put him on a hobhound - I might nick this idea for my wolfboyz, just to make them stand out against normal common goblin wolfboyz

I’m starting today, just need to find a colour scheme for greenskins

…um…I believe grenn is traditional


Looks a lot like a warg… It’s still pretty cool though…


- Kyte


Thats not a bad idea actually Kyte - I may use wargs for my wolf riders and do some sort of conversion like this for my heroes


Nice job so far, looking forward to seeing how it ends up :cheers.

I really need to get started on my entry, the ideas are all there, but the materials aren’t… :~