[Archive] Golden Hat help FAQ


For new members and for those of us who are computer illiterate(myself!) would it be a help to have a step by step guide to how to enter the Golden Hat? I’m thinking more of the technical side of things ie how to upload photos and how to send them to Golden Hat etc? It would be nice if was explained simply somewhere as I know I struggled at first. Just a thought.


Sure, I can do that.

I was going to do a golden hat rules section for each one with my expanded rules, but I could just put this in a separate thread with the instructions you asked for.


Nothing to do with the FAQ but I was thinking if it maybe was a good idea to have a subsection for the Golden Hat (and the Artisan Contest as well as the Word of Hashut for that matter!)?

I like to re-read threads every now and then and this would make it easier to have all the competitions in one place, also for future new members this would make it easier to browse…

Just an idea! :cheers


Needs to be updated, but we have this page:



I have made a start on this


Obviously it is really WIP at the moment. I have started a thread in the Immortals section for consultation on the generic rules that will apply for all artisan’s contests and will shortly be doing one for all Golden Hats.

I’ll let those guys have a say then use the feedback to do a version here for you guys to consider.

These rules will eventually go in the thread above, a common set of rules so that everyone knows exactly what to expect and there are no holes. This will be finished before the next Golden Hat. Bar any additions in the form of FAQ, it will be the last set of rules written about how these contests are run, nothing will be open to discussion after this.

In the meantime, if anyone has any general FAQ they’d like adding please let me know. Nothing specifically about the rules for them though, just general info you’d like there.

@Vulcanologist. I’m not sure I’ve actually included the specific bit you asked about. Do you want me to do a bit on how to use photobucket?