[Archive] Golden Hat XXIV: Winner Tiebreak Vote



Titan Wargames Presents: The tiebreak voting thread for the 24th Golden Hat competition!

“And their might and cruelty will crush all underhoof.”
-Liber Infernalis

The bad news - a disqualification
It’s part of our competitions that entries cannot be shown off in a finished state before the voting threads. We want people to work for their entries and the time pressure is part of the fun.

Entry number 1 has been disqualified from Golden Hat 24 for breaking this rule, as it was uploaded in complete form to another miniature website on February 7th, 2016.

A lot of you have voted for entry number 1. Unfortunately we weren’t made aware of the problem before last night, so all most all votes had already been cast.

Rest easy knowing, that the two entries up for tiebreak had a very clear lead in votes (and many voting for entry 1 also voted for entry 3 and 11).

We’ve decided not to redo the entire voting process for this reason.

The user behind entry 1 has been informed, will not have his name made public, and will not be mentioned in the entry key.

Good luck!
The Staff


My final vote is in. Another hard choice.

You could tell us who got third…


My vote is in as well.

Abecedar: I think letting us know who got third would spoil the fun. Although my personal guess is that it is a boat of some sort (or even a fleet!).


My vote is in. Good Luck to both.


Done my vote! :hat off


Fuggit Khan:

I’m very happy to see that my outright favorite is in tie for first place, good to know everybody else loved it too.

Both of these entries have a wonderful old school flair to them, good luck to both entrants, my vote is in :hat off


Yeh, I know he wouldn’t tell us.