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Subject Matter: The Flaming Taurus (what ever you imagine that to be)

As with past Golden Hat competitions, this is a modeling and painting competition.

The entry an be anything you like. It may be a single model of any size, it may be two models locked in a duel, it may be a unit, multiple units, a warmachine, or perhaps your vision of “The Flaming Taurus” is the local pub in old Zharr Naggrund where filthy hard-working folk gather to drink and trade tall tales of their slave hordes and latest exploits at the forge!

You can convert or model your own figure(s), or use any existing model(s) from any miniatures range (maybe the recently released Blazing Taurus for that other army should be shown its new home in your army? Just make sure it is fully painted and hasn’t been shown in its completed state before (although WIP shots of any conversion or modeling work are welcome in the submission photos).


The choice is unrestricted, so you may choose to go with a diorama style, a plinth, or any other sort of base - or no base at all.

Please read the full rules that apply to the Golden Hat competition before submitting your entry.


The gold winner will receive a �,�30 store coupon from Warcolours! Courtesy of Poison


…and likewise the gold winner will receive a kit of Pantry Produce Set - Twisting Catacombs from Zealot Miniatures:


The silver winner will win 10 Sons of Adramelech with hand weapon and shields plus command group, courtesy of Werewoolf Miniatures and shipped by Bloodbeard!




While the bronze winner will get to pick something from Thingiverse or a suchlike source and have it printed for them by Kamphre, as long as it’s not too big for his 3D-printer!


And finally, one random entrant will get to claim a Tjubling Skull Mask Command Group!


When is the deadline?

We are going with the same deadline as previous Golden Hats; send all entries to the Golden Hat account no later 11:59 PM Nov 16th, 2018 EST (Eastern Standard Timezone). Entries will not be accepted after that date and time regardless of how cool your submission is. (You have around 8 weeks to complete your entry)

If for some reason you are having trouble with your submission, contact one of the Staff before the deadline. In order to avoid problems, we strongly advise entrants not wait until the very last minute to submit their entries… As things can and do go wrong. Please do not send entries to individual Admin or Staff members to submit on your behalf as they may not check their PMs!

How to Enter

Upload up to 4 photos of your entries to the internet. Next, send a PM to Golden Hat (a special user that all Staff have access to) containing the links where the pictures can be found. (Note: This is the same as previous Golden Hats).

If you win:

- Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals will be awarded.

- Take your place in the Golden Hat Hall of Fame.

- Receive the Golden Hat medal for your online persona *

- Stay tuned over the first few days of the competition too for news of prizes for this GH! More news to come.

- Everyone who enters gets a number of slaves equal to the number of entries. If 10 people enter we award 10 slaves to each person who entered.

Entries will count towards a veteran medal.

As usual once all entries are received a voting thread will be created. If there are any questions please PM me, another Staff member or post them here.


Subject Matter: The Flaming Taurus

Due Date: 11:59 PM Nov 16th, 2018 EST (Eastern Standard Timezone)


Uther the unhinged:

Fantastic. Taurus, great subject! Flaming… ummm… Igor light the furnace. We have work to do!


Fun concept! Lets see what we can do with it… :slight_smile:


Thinking mode … engaged.


Great take on the theme, Nicodemus!

Prizes are now revealed in the first post. :hashut


Excellent assortment of prizes!! Fantastic. Thanks.


I have absolutely no idea what to do…:~


Great theme love the pub idea


Great theme love the pub idea

Haha, thanks! ;)


Cool topic, but I don’t have an idea what to do yet … :~



You’d think I’d be more organized coming up with the GH idea… but nope.  And to boot I’m neck-deep in my forge and train projects. Oh well x.x


Added another prize for gold. :hashut


I think I’m actually making good progress on this one.

How evryone else going?

Uther the unhinged:

Igor informs me that operation �?~Flaming Taurus�?T proceeds to plan. Admittedly I have had to pull all resources from other projects. I know there is some muttering in the ranks that the giant squiddly snail cavalry (note to self �?~I must find a more evil name�?T) are delayed again. No matter. I must win a Golden Hat medal! All must be sacrificed to this aim! Igor! More slaves!!


Same here. Ben Hur would be unhappy as the effort involved would be out sizing him.

Will Liam:

I won�?Tt be able to enter in the competition this time guys - trying to get a house onto the market before the nice weather comes - can�?Tt wait to see you�?Tve all done though


Mine will make the deadline:hat


I think this is going to be a tough contest, but i’m working on a bull right now, so i might be able to Jump in!


Building and painting going well for everyone?


Well, Re-Building might be a closer term. Painting as always will be my Achilles Heal.

I like how it will turn out ( in my mind at least so far ).