[Archive] Golden Hat XXXV: On New Discourse Forum!


Golden Hat XXXV has arrived, its theme being Chaos Dwarf warriors. Register on our new forum to participate: https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/

Prizes are up for grabs as usual:


Logbook entry, 3/11 2020 A.D. 11:25: I hope this post gets posted, because CDO Discourse seems to be stuck in a weird groundhog day for me at the moment. I can’t log out, I can’t clear notifications and I can’t enter threads via the frontpage. I’ve managed to access GH XXXV voting thread by first entering the subforum, and will now attempt to post in it.

For the moment, I (and everyone else?) am having an odd error going on. It might be related to server fixes behind the scene to fix our serious E-mail sendout problem, a software update or just a common brief temporary hiccup. There is not telling how long this state of affairs will last: Minutes or hours?

As such I can’t log out and log in on GoldenHat to count votes. I’ll go working during the afternoon, and might not find the time to fix the winners thread in the evening. In that case, machine spirits and Daemonsmithing willing, I may have to announce winners tomorrow instead.

Sorry about the delay. This is a unique kind of error in my book.