[Archive] Good choice of shoulderpads?


So I’ve got an idea for converting some Ironsworn, my idea was to start by using the new Irondrakes models:


I would use the bodies, the flat heads and the weapons and shield arms but replace the following with suitable CD bitz:

- Shields

- Shoulder Pads

Does anyone have any good suggestions on what bitz (maybe even some cast by members of this very forum?) would be suitable?



I’ve used dwarf bucklers for my fireglaives and the one half of the marauder drum for my handweapon guys. See my blog for pictures.

The marauder shoulderpads are pretty cool - all kinds of evil. If you want something that looks like uniform, you could go for some spavemarine shoulderpads. There are loads of cool shoulderpads from GW and FW. I’ve been using world eater (the pad has some cool spikey teeth) for my chaos blood bowl team. It works well - even for warhammer.


Great idea! Consider it stolen. I just ordered some chaos space marine shoulder pads. I’ll have to decide whether to use them as ironsworn or use them a blunderbusses. I’m leaning towards the blunderbusses.


Hope I nailed it - I went for Minotaurs Chapter FW shoulderpads (so obvious!) and Word Bearer ones.


Awesome. Will be good to see how well they chaos-up those irondrakes.


If I may suggest some variation in the head selection, Puppetswar “Apis Heads” have always scream’d “IRONSWORN!” to me:


here’s a video review of them:


and for shoulder pads, have you seen “Skullcrushers of Khorne” ones? they’re quite massive and “elite”, a keyword for the ironsworn!