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Pyro Stick:

Well going against everything i believe in i am trying to sort out a deal with the dreaded essex girl, who is called trish btw. Since no one else has any spare Whirlwind parts i thought if anyone has any spare parts then she will and it turns out she has one of the main scythes and a wheel scythe. Im just waiting for her to propose a price and since she sells the tenderiser for �50 i doubt i am going to like what she proposes.


Don’t do it Pyro! we must boycot such underhand dealings, why this witch you call by the name of trish, has a manner which would make a veteran Hobgoblin blush.��Although to be fair, I myself keep trying with the best offer thing!��Looked Ebay this morning at the latest CD stuff to be put on their and she had already bid on most of them, within minutes of their listing.��She’s a crafty :h and obviously knows Exactly what she is doing.

Good luck to you sir. :cheers

Pyro Stick:

She is asking me to make an offer.

"Please make make a sensible offer for the items, bearing mind the rarity of these items.

Many thanks,


Its only for a wheel scythe and a blade for the Whirlwind. What sould i offer her? She probably wants about �8 which is way more than im willing to pay. I would say something like �2.50.

Pyro Stick:

Oh. My. God. Heres her reply:

"Thanks for the offer, but on this occasion I think I will hang onto them for the future as I often pick them up with bits missing and I tend to sell them for a minimum of ten times what you are offering for the spare!

Thanks anyway,


So for something worth �2 - �3 she wanted ten times that. What a bitch!! RRRRRRRRR

My Reply: "Good Luck trying to sell loved minitures at extortionate prices. "

EDIT: I got a reply and she thinks she is giving people a fair deal by selling her minitures at such high prices. She even has a miniture on now for over �700!!!



She brings shame upon our father Hashut!


I may have to talk to her as a GW staff member about this, since i can fairly tell the worth of these pieces, or i can buy loads of stuff off her and leave such bad feedback she seems pure evil


I have no luck with her on best offer deals either. I notice she has put stuff up for auction this week though which is unusual, surely she must realise people wont bid as high as her rediculous Buy It Now prices! - Straying off topic a little, shouldn’t we have an area where we list our E-Bay handles so we don’t end up bidding against each other? From the sounds of things we probably do this a lot.

Pyro Stick:

But then if we tell everyone that theres something on ebay we will all bid for it and it will go up really high and the person that first told everyone probably wanted it. It foy utell everyone then you have no chance at getting it.

Heres the Essex Girls latest reply:

“I am sorry you feel like that, but you always have the option to go elsewhere and good ridens. Looks like a lucky escape on by behalf! Good luck finder the spares you seek for nothing.”

(She has really bad spelling). I think im the lucky one if she wanted �20 for two spare parts!! Should i reply? Or should i just drop it? Someone should make a banner that we can use that says Beware! The Essex Girl! With a link to her shop for examples.

Thommy H:

Well, my first post here after reading for a while, and I’m glad that I could start by bitching…

After recently starting to rebuild my Chaos Dwarfs and mostly using ebay to do it, I too have come across ‘essexgirl’ and her obscenely priced “Buy It Now” items, and also been outbid by her several times for a number of items. As far as I can see, her stratgey is to buy up Chaos Dwarfs (and other rare items) at reeasonable prices, and then sell them off for much higher amounts. The thing is, it’s a pretty insane strategy, since she can see first hand how much people will pay for the things (since she outbids them…) so she must know her prices are ridiculous.

On the other hand, eventually she might get hold of every unwanted Chaos Dwarf item out there and we’ll all be forced to pay her prices…

Seriously though, this boycott is self enforcing. No one in their right mind is going to pay �23 for one figure (no joke, that’s what she’s selling the Sorcerer model for right now) or �16 for a blunderbuss blister when you can get those figures for �2.50 each from GW’s website. At least I hope not anyway.


We could set up Essex Girl Vigilante group and email everyone ho bids on her stuff with details of what it is actually worth and point out links to the GW website where they can get it cheaper. I think we could start a thread titled 'dealings with essex girl" and would probably have quite a few replies! she has a lot of stuff and has been doing it for a long time.

Thommy H:

I get the feeling that starting some sort of argument with her on ebay would not be a good way to go - I’ve got 18 feedback (100% positive, but even so) and she’s a power seller with a shop: I’m guessing it wouldn’t go my way :mad

The best thing any of us can do is have no dealings with her, since she’s pretty much just ruining the fun of anyone trying to get Chaos Dwarfs in the UK by being able to outbid anyone on the assumption that she’ll sell them off for a profit.

As I say though, hopefully no one ever buys anything from her - I can’t see anyone but some insanely spoiled child even thinking about paying prices like that.


I get the feeling that starting some sort of argument with her on ebay would not be a good way to go - I've got 18 feedback (100% positive, but even so) and she's a power seller with a shop: I'm guessing it wouldn't go my way :mad

Thommy H
I've got 154, 100% pos, and I got a 2000+ seller kicked off because he sold me a fake gameboy game, although it probably wasn't just me as he had obviously sold loads of them!

I just keep putting in best offers for a reasonable price, if she says no, then I have a whinge on this thread and I feel better!


Edit: I check out Gwus and they have a full BC for 12. A unit of five is sixty dollars! Tempting but ouch!


OMG, a BC in the uk costs �8, thats $16 US and a unit of 5 costs us �40 - thats $80 US, Are GW deliberately persecuting CD generals in the UK or what!

Thommy H:

I think it’s more that the exchange rate just favours Americans rather than those of us in the UK. Don’t take it personally :slight_smile:

I’m slightly worried that essexgirl is warping the market on ebay, to be honest. I recently bought three bull centaurs for �5.99 each from an ebay shop called “Warhammer Crazy”, that now has a bunch of Chaos Dwarf stuff for prices comparable to hers. I’m glad I got them when I did (actually they weren’t even “Buy It Now” - but no one else put any bids in for some reason: probably the first time I’ve seen that with bull centaurs).

Ghrask Dragh:

Great article!

I have had some really good deals on ebay and to this day say it is the best place to get the old-skool CD’s!

I would also like to join the ranks and say what the Essex-Girl is doing is a disgrace :mad!!! how is she still going? are people actually buying from her? I am proud to say I have out-bid her (for reasonable prices) many, many times and really enjoyed it :):):slight_smile:

Pyro Stick:

Im going to try outbid her on whatever she tries to buy. I dont care what it is. She really needs to get kicked of ebay. She is probalby still in business cause there are a few people still stupid enought to buy from her so when someone does buy from her she gets a fortune