[Archive] Goodbye cd's forever?


well yesterday i reported that kislev have indeed been taken off the games workshop site,

today i have noticed that both every hobgoblin and chaos dwarfs have been taken off the site and no longer available, what this mean? well first our beloved chaos dwarfs are not supported in anyway by games workshop.

second, if you want chaos dwarf 4th ed miniatures get them on ebay quickly, when people notice the price’s are going to skyrocket, good for sellers bad for hobbyist.

more bad news, hobgobla khan and his wolf riders are also gone, its either they are killing off chaos dwarfs altogether or they are getting a major overhaul and trying to kill the big hat look,

to be honest i wouldn’t be surprised if they take off the cd pdf and kill chaos dwarfs overnight and not tell anyone,

heres hoping they are on schedule to remaking cd’s, but theres a chance they may be killed forever . :sad

Ghrask Dragh:

:frowning: thats pretty grim, we’ll have to keep an eye on that pdf. Even if they are due for a complete make-over it wouldn’t be for a long time even if they started now, so they would still keep the pdf on there wouldn’t they?


it is likely they would remove the pdf a year or so before cd’s gets a book, to stop confusion. they could just take the pdf off because they feel like it, pull the plug and put the curly beards to sleep forever


the reason Gw has taken a lot of miniatures away is that they have felt that selling single miniatures by mail order is too expensive. Instead they will do pack of several minaitures that will come later under this spring. Its possibly that our beloved CD are coming in those packs instead. nothing really sure there yet. I got this info from a friend that works in a GW store and have good realtionship with mailorder. so hopefull this is not the end…


I agree this simply means that they are trying to save money and cut costs.

If they make an announcement then that is a another matter altogether…


I’ve seen someone freaking out that half of the TK models are gone from the GW site. It doesn’t mean anything at the moment since they are making so many changes to mail order


Realalistically the best we hope for is a new PDF, what with GW’s financial state right now.


dont be fooled by the stock shares. GW still turned a profit last year and are still the number one company out there.

Pyro Stick:

GW still turned a profit last year and are still the number one company out there.

GW is no way near the number one company. I cant think what is (microsoft?) but it definately isnt GW.

CD's are obviously not gone forever just because of this. Think of all the rumours and statements from people that are going on about CD's eventually making a come back.


let me re-phrase: miniature company.

Pyro Stick:

let me re-phrase: miniature company.

That could still be debeated but im not going to bother.


2 words


sorry, but it’s just what nazhur said, there removing most individual models from the site, in there attempt to remake and streamline the mail order system, i mean just because WD isn’t so good anyome, it was still a whole page, or is the only one who reads it the one who gets it for free?

also, he PDF is still there, i checked:)


Yeah it was in WD a while back that they are taking all the back catalogue stuff off. They are giving mail order a major overhaul.

Kera foehunter:

To me i think they are keying up to remake the C.D. And second there are still arm outthere without up dates


Yeah it was in WD a while back that they are taking all the back catalogue stuff off. They are giving mail order a major overhaul.

Yes, you can see more about that here - and your can see the complete list, of the products that's taken of the online store - here

Hashut’s Blessing:

Firstly, it would be due to their streamlining the mail order system. Secondly, they had a couple of issues with it at first, which they are correcting and faffing with more things. Thirdly, it’s possible they will return as packs in Spring as someone mentioned. Fourthly, it leaves us open to consider they have finally listened to us and are considering creating new CD models. As for the PDF, that is still there. If it disappears it may mean that they no longer supports CD or it could mean that they’re clearing the website or it could mean they have begun work on a new CD book. If they were to remove CD from the GW world altogether, we’d know because they would have to mention it and disallow them at all tournaments, not just the ones they are already banned at. Don’t panic at the first sign of trouble, as they say :slight_smile:

Uzkul Werit:

Half of the Tomb Kings stuff gone? Like the box sets?

Kera foehunter:

there selling out guys. Get ready for the new gw stuff


They’ve released the new ‘Bitz Catalogue’ online.  Its 10.3 mb for those who want to download it.

Hellcannon is in it (as a complete model only).  Nothing else CD related (no hobgoblins).

Their bitz collections are VERY small at the moment for all ranges.  I hope because they’ve done it online that they will update it now and then with more stuff…?

We could email them en-masse and suggest they do a ‘Bitz’ collection of the 3 Hellcannon crew?

I would be curious to see if there’s anything in the 2008 Citadel Catalogue.

Uzkul Werit:

The 2008 catalouge is only what you’ll get in stores. Hellcannon and that’s it.