[Archive] Google chrome? Worth it?


Just wondering what people thought about Google chrome and if it is better than Firefox.

Lord Archaon:

I’d say they both are equal. Firefox has more add-ons available, but Chrome has a cool homepage with most popular websites you visit. Having two computors, (PC and a laptop) i have installed them both, Chrome on a laptop and Firefox on a PC. :slight_smile:


I like both… With that said FF is still my main browser. I prefer FF for the way it works across any platform. Another point in FFs favor is adblock plus.


I use chrome as my main browser, but I have FF installed on both my desktop and laptop. The reason I use chrome is that it has only one line of controls, which for most part is adress bar. As for the add-ons chrome is still new and gets more and more add-ons. Chrome already has adblock, don’t know about the plus though

Thommy H:

Nothing is better than Firefox. Not just in terms of browsers: I mean generally. In the universe.


There is one thing; Bacon. MMmmmh Bacon :smiley:


Chrome has more space for the actual web stuff, and I love the fact that if you open a new tab (it suggest the sites you visit most often.)

(I just recently switched from Fox to Chrome and I’m quite happy)


If you have the Google toolbar installed then you can set it to show the websites you visit when you open a new tab. I used to use it but I replaced it with an HTML page I wrote myself with the pages I like to open from tabs.


I actually use IE, Chrome and Firefox.

Firefox for sites I use add-ons for, Chrome for sites I visit reguarly, and IE for everything else (or for banking, as “cookies” are disabled on my IE).

The only internet browser I will avoid forever is Safari.

Thommy H:

IE does that thing with websites you visit in a new tab. Pretty handy for someone like me, who uses it solely for viewing pornography.


Firefox is great IE sucks enougth said.


i use chrome.

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Personally I have had more problems with Firefox than IE or Chrome… I liked chrome’s concept but found that when I was using it, it just wouldnt get the job done… but this was a while back… I started using Minefield and its pretty good… Its cold boot is rather long… but once the process is loaded its lightning… I would recommend it even though its still in beta.


I like Chrome - it seems to suffer from ‘browser lag’ far less often than IE.


Google Chrome. Enough said.


What about Opera? Is it better than bacon?