[Archive] gorgarrak's first chaos dwarf army


First of all I’d like to thank everyone at chaos dwarf online for keeping my favourite WHFB army alive. To start with I aim to collect a 500 point border patrol force and I will keep you updated with photographs and army lists as my force progresses.


Hey and welcome to the forum!

Hope to see some pics from you soon.

black hammer:

What style will your chaos dwarfs be?


my chaos dwarfs will be BFSP dwarfs with beards and heads removed, a newly sculpted beard, scale mail and helmet will then be created from green stuff all topped off with a nice big hat(this will be a resin cast of the classic big hats) in short the rank and file should look a bit like xanders but with big hats

photos coming soon…


Cant wait to see the bigs hats, also welcome to the site :hat off


Border patrol army list mk1

Chaos Dwarf Hero with heavy armour and the Blach Hammer of Hashut


20 chaos dwarfs with full command


10 chaos dwarfs with blunderbusses and full command


10 hobgoblins with sheilds


total pts (499)

this is only a wip army list so any comments/sugestions are welcome


finaly most of the things i need for my CD army has arrived.

2 sets of skull pass dwarfs

a dwarf battalion

4 chaos mutation sprues

1 box of chaos warriors

1 set of chaos warrior great weapons

a large ammount of green stuff

a selection of classic chaos dwarfs

a resin casting kit

i am still waiting for my silicon rubber for mold making to get here, but i can begin sculpting beards and masks/helmets, swaping weapons and sculpting scalemail. this will be topped off with my resin hats(very very big hats)

my hero is almost complete and is looking mighty fiine, photo coming as soon as i get a lead for my camera(ie. soon)


first hero finaly converted and painted



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finaly i have got my first rubber molds for hats complete, i have to wait a week to inject the resin though.

hopefully these molds will turn out well, if they are good photos will folow soon

The Brain:

I love your general. What model did you use as a base. I know where the hat is from but not the body.


the body is from the dwarf warrior kit(its the one with the cloak)

i have re-looked at my army list and have decided to use the indy gt list as follows

slavemaster with the hammer of hashut


20 warriors with sheilds and full command and eruption gun


10 annihilators with full command


10 annihilators with full command


earthshaker cannon


this comes to a total of 750pts, any comments or suggestions are welcome