[Archive] Gotrek and Felix Kinslayer


For those curious, this appears to be the first book following the official continuity after Zombieslayer.

It’s also fully up to date with End Times fluff and weaves in perfectly with Nagash.


Odd that it follows ET fluff considering the Nathan Long books were explicitly set post-SoC


They get around that in this book by saying that Gotrek and Felix had been chasing trying to get into combat with Archaon many times.

You’re right though, the way it’s written the book is basically saying SoC happened and now it’s the end times.

We don’t have spoiler tags here, but have a guess which side of the Auric Bastion Gotrek ended up on…


I thought SoC was still canon anyway? I never read the E.T fluff other than what happened to Lizzies and Chaos Dwarves.