[Archive] Grapeshot warmachine?


Random observation, a cannon firing grapeshot is described as effectively being a big blunderbuss… Which obviously would fit into the CD theme quite well. :idea

So would it be possible to base a warmachine on firing grapeshot all the time? How many points?


Grapeshot as in the BRB rules?

To be even remotely useful the machine would probably need a bit longer range. The grapeshot range, IIRC the template only, is rather pitiful in WHFB. Not exactly the killer it was “for real”.

I think the problem here would that it will either be extremely devastating or do pretty much nothing so pricing it fairly would be difficult.

As an example the Dwarf Flamecannon my friend has been using hasn’t managed to do anything in 8th ed yet. Because I just can’t afford to let it shoot at my large blocks. Playing with Beastmen it usually goes like this: turn 1 it can’t shoot. Turn 2 I pop the Dark Chalice and hope it can’t fire or charge it with a small and fast unit depending on whose turn it is.


Hey Grim, just a few thoughts here. Do you want a full on war engine like a cannon, or do you want something a bit more of a unit support type item, a bit like the skaven warpfire throwers or something?

If it is a cannon type thing you want, how about a launcher that fires clusters of small templates at s2 or 3 as a base? make it so that it can fire multiple times a turn, but the chances of a misfire keep increasing - maybe max three shots? Then the player can either launch the templates individually, or stack them on the same target, trading in one template for +1 strength  -so a stack of all three templates is a s4 template? For points I would be tempted to go for the high end, 120 per unit, especially if it has a good range?

The other options is a sort of unit support launcher, carried into battle in the front rank of a unit? This is a one shot upgrade, maybe 40-50 points worth. The unit can use it once a battle, and it serves as a stand and shoot type reaction. The teardrop template is then used at s3 as normal, and act’s like a breath weapon. This would make it interesting to use, and it would also make it different and more “in your face” than the usual war engines the Chaos Dwarfs employ?

Hope to see more of what you have in mind there that would work - I’ll be interested in  how this turns out


The Organ Gun is already pretty close. It fires in the same manner as Cannon Grapeshot after all.

A short-range-only war machine is tricky, as people charge so far these days. It would either need to have a 24" (ish) range or be absolutely hideous at 12" (ish) range. Either way, it would need to be a viable choice when compared to stone throwers, and also provide something different to BBs (maybe it could do multiple hits on single models for example) although it sounds more and more like an Organ Gun.

Or… perhaps it could be an upgrade for an Earthshaker, giving it the option for Grapeshot?


It would either need to have a 24" (ish) range or be absolutely hideous at 12" (ish) range.

what about a 18"(ish) range?:P

Gar Shadowfame:

well its is possible to tailor playable rules for this, just to keep the idea,  it could be a unit upgrade that joins unit like screaming bell but is positioned as kroxigor

40x40 mm base

T5 W3 ( as it is light engine) 5+ save (crew’s heavy armor)

crew with CD base stats

is placed in 2nd line as it shoots over first ine heads,  when there is no CD to take up 2 spots in front rank it is placed in first rank

it can shoot if unit has moved(not marched or charged) and in close combat ( but with half strenght as crew are more cautious), it cannon ire into other close combat then the unit it is with is engaged,

Uses cannon misfire chart but on explosion place small template over the machine and all models are hit with S4 AP.

Uses: helps the unit to fend off small skirmishing units, lone flayers, fast calvary that carelesly tries to stay on the flanks of the unit, away from LoS. It suports defensive units, that aim at axxepting charges, and it boost damage output of the unit.

POints roughly 90.

Verykool idea Grim


I dont know if this helps, but in my gaming club, we have a house rule that warmachines that didnt fire in their turn can stand and shoot in the opponents turn, ie a Great cannon can grapeshot, a repeater bolt thrower can volley fire etc, right inot the teeth of the attackers