[Archive] Great News for Warplock!


Hey guys, I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this…but what the heck XD

After sending pictures of some of my sculpts to GW today,and constant hone calls from the blue-shirts of my local GW in York, i got a phone-call today from a certain Head of Recruitment, asking if i could come down to the Head Office in Nottingham to meet all the sculptors, including Jes Goodwin and Phil Kelly, and talk about a possible future employment! Also, one of the blue-shirts has offered to take me down there, and the visit has been sqeduled for September!

I cant wait!!!

- Warplock

Ghrask Dragh:

Great stuff Warplock!

Congratulations!!! :hat off



Whoa, well done man! Keep sculpting in the mean time!

Knight Of Awsome:

Dude thats AWESOME :o, gives up title to warplock…shamed of his sculping… and were the same age too I’m going to have to sculpt whole models now too, care to share your mix, i use mostly green stuff, but I’m pretty sure that its not brown stuff that you use?

But really congrats dude, and remember to support us!


Congratulations mate your sculpts are excellent those latest lizzards were fantastic:hat off


:cheers Warplock! wowza, fantastic news!

you must be as giddy as a schoolgirl… you know, in a masculine sorta way. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s great to hear that something you clearly love and do so well can provide you with money and who knows, a career! You have just achieved what most people strive for all their lives.



Good one mate! :cheers:

Be sure to promote Chaos Dwarfs! :wink:

Kera foehunter:

great job !!! warplock

make them buy you lunch too.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

WOW… that’s great news!! Congrats - and if you end up in the design studio make sure to advocate the cause of us chaos stunties! :cheers


gratz, I hope you will push the chaos dwarf back in to the game as a playable race

Hashut’s Blessing:

Warplock, it is well deserved. that is all I can say. Well done, you’ve definitely earnt it.

Now for the annoying and expected part that comes after the most sincere of parts: CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD CD!!!



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congratulations man. I suppose this is the time to put in requests for commisions before you go off and become too occupied with official work


Thankyou all very much for your support of my sculpts since i have been a member here, and its been you guys who have motivated me, so a massive thanks from me! :cheers

And it was funny…i was in my local GW talking to the guy on the phone, and he asked ‘so what are you doing now?’ and i said ‘painting a Chaos Dwarf’, so they know i’m a fan already :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes AGPO your right, i am free for any sort of commision work, except, may i underline clearly, for space marines (god i hate them 8-foot bar-stewards :P), just send me a PM, and we can negotiate :wink:

Thankyou once again!

- a very content Warplock XD


Congratulations Warplock, well earned.

Of course as our first subversive agent into GW your first task is to get that army book for us!


Congrats, but remember to have a completely finished Blood Bowl team for Games Day this September, heh.


Grats Warplockmonkey! i wish you success in your future with GW.

like many have said, it’s great that you’ve turned something you loved into a career.

and, hashut willing, you inspire them to create new Dawi’Zharr!


Well done. Make sure to sculpt some CDs for us to drool over. :cheers



Never hurts to have one more voice in there with a soft spot for Chaos Dwarfs!

Make us proud!


congratulation warplock. I first saw your work on the Ogre Stronghold. I even made a few comments on your cobra sauraus… Awesome news mate. Knock 'em dead.