[Archive] great taurus idea!


i saw a dark elf manticore and i think that would fit just perfect for a great taurus. You can also use a balrog, an orc wyver or somthing else. place a giant head on it, sculpt a little bit and you’ve got a grat taurus!

however, a dark elf manticore is perfect. please post your feedback.


If I was you i’d buy a toy bull and convert it a bit(give it armor plates etc) but if u want a lammasu go over to Tjub’s blog you will see how he used the manticor as one it’s really cool you should check it out :smiley:


IMO the Manticor fits better to a Lammasu - like Tjubs or myself made it …

For a Great Taurus the Balrog is great (I used the Balrog too), perhaps even better with the original Taurus head?!?!

An other alternative is the Reaper “Brass Bull” or like Stubbs mentioned a toy bull like Maul and Finger.im.Ohr. used.

This toy bull is from the company “Schleich” - here is the link: http://www.schleich-s.de/de/spielfiguren/spielwaren/programm/farm_life/index.html



ok thanks for your opinions


Here is what I did…

More pics are here!