[Archive] Great Taurus or manticore as a lammasu for a tournament?

Da Crusha:

Hey guys Im going to a tournament this weekend and Im going to be using a lammasu in my list but the problem is I don’t have a lammasu model. I ordered the raging heroes one but it still hasn’t gotten here. so I have 2 options I can use my Great Taurus or I can use a painted manticore. the manticore is fairly well painted in light brown. I don’t think the great Taurus will be that much of a problem because most guys I play at a tournament have never heard of a lammasu, let alone seen one. and of course I always explain to my opponents what every model is so that won’t be a problem.

so which model do you guys think I should use?

Thommy H:

As long as you’re not using the same model as two things, I don’t think it’s a problem. And since the Taurus and the Lammasu models are both OOP, it hardly matters.

Da Crusha:

oh yea that wont be a problem, in 2500 pt tournaments there is only enough points to field one monster mount.


Let’s go with the Taurus!


First it’s more or less the same size (same body, same wings), second it’s an actual Chaos Dwarf miniature and everybody knows Chaos Dwarfs are cooler :wink:

Jockes apart, I think a Taurus is less confusing for your opponent.

Da Crusha:

Thats a good point I will most likely use the Great Taurus model.