[Archive] Great Taurus-The Body is Stable


Night 3 of work. Well I had some setbacks. The way I had the taurus was just not going to be a long-term fix. There is just too much weight on those back legs so I removed the legs and stared over on the bottom and base. I think it came out much better. It needs time to dry so I can not go much further tonight.

There has been a lot of comment about the size. I knew it would be big, but I have a few models to give some comparison.

I agree that the wings will need additional muscular structure sculpted in to cary the load. Right now I want to get it stable and then I can roll with it from there. I hope to start sculpting tomorrow night.


please answer my questions -

- where did you get the body and wings from?

- did you make the whole of the base yourself?

centauro enano:

Using wire to enhance these areas that cut?

I like how the wall in place as the base :cheers.


@Grotsnik-The body is a Schleich Rodeo Bull. (I got it from a local specialty toy store for $5, I found him online and decided to save on shipping by pocking around locally until he turned-up)

I almost bought their goats to use as bull centaur feet, before I won an ebay auction for 10 of them a while back.

The wings are the larger Ultraforge wings, around $10 from thewarstore.com (They have been on order for a long time so I have been waiting for it a while). If you have a local GW store, just get a pair of $8 old school dragon wings from their limited remaining bits line.

The base is an old dragon base. The rocks are a cast product from the makers of castlemolds. My father-in-law has a massive collection of these molds so I can snag a few bits and pieces now and again. They are made with dental plaster.

@centauro enano-He has two in each wing, one in each horn, 3 in each leg, and two in his thigh to give him more stability. One of the biggest problems I have has is that the green-stuff does not adhere to the rubbery plastic of the bull very well. I am trying to score the body before adding any more.

This morning, after a night to set-up, I can say he is very stable and I am looking forward to getting past the structural.


nice sculpted,the wall puts a little diorama feel into the base,really like it

but im still not sure about the size,h looks like the giant next to him could ride him


very nice work dude.

i was just in a toy shop looking for a toy-taurus and and while looking i notices one that i thought ive seen before. because it seemed to be pretty nice for converting i bought it and now when i came home and had a look at your thread i knew where i had seen the model before^^

its exactly the same model that you have. xD

i havent got wings yet, but though i hope you dont mind if i steal some of your ideas :wink:

i hope my taurus will become as nice as yours and im pretty exited in what your taurus will look like when its finished.

perhaps i will open an army blog for my chaos dwarfs, but there isnt very much to show you yet.

hope my english isnt too bad^^ greetz finger…


Looking great. As you said, build up some musculature for the wings and you are ready to roll!

Nicely done!


great looking conversion i made the same thing i found a old toy farm bull in my toy box from when i was 7 someone in the store saw that i whas converting chaos dwarfs and so gave me her old chaos dwarfs one of them was the taurus rider.

i`ll take a picture of it and post it here.

keep us updated.


Braki Flamebeard:

I think a giant riding a great taurus would be awesome, if not a little out of place. I think the size is alright, it makes for a nice centrepiece. And if you did find it was just too big then you could always make a statue out of it or something. At least that way you wouldn’t waste all your work and would be able to impress anybody you play against with an awesome scenery piece. Can’t wait to see it finished.


i know this threads about the taurus and it is coming along great but is that a converted high elf dragon, it looks amazing i LOVE the pillar especially what is it, cake decoration pillar

Kera foehunter:

look great since you added the wings and i like the pose !!

centauro enano:

Any more progress? I am curious to see it finished

Border Reiver:

Damn, that is going to be one impressive Great Taurus.

the body looks impressive with the repositioning, and I trust the saddle/throne will be equally impressive. If you can hunt it down an old Throne of Power would look good there, and the arch enemy Thorgrim would make for a suitable rider for the throne.


I have taken a couple days off. Been working late outside getting the farm ready for spring and buying some new livestock so I have been pretty beat at night. I should have something for the thread by the end of the weekend. I want to do greater wing muscular and start to work on sculpting fire on his body, especially a ridge of fire down the back. I also have to work on a throne for the rider.


Awesome Taurus!!

Is great!

I’m thinkin to make mi taurus with a Spanish Souvenir XD



Hey Maul what´s going on with your Taurus? Any progress?

I want to see him finished! :cheers



For a cheap toystore Taurus that looks very good indeed.


Where did you get the bull from Maul? Just wondering if they d a wider range of beasties I could use for m Rhinox Riders


The model is from the German company “Schleich”!

I think you can buy the models at every Toy Store like Toys R us!

This is the link to their homepage, http://www.schleich-s.de/de/spielfiguren/spielwaren/programm/farm_life/index.html



Wouw must have :stuck_out_tongue: Was thinking of getting a great taurus myself and mechanise it a bit so it would fit the steampunk like style haha