[Archive] Great Taurus-The Body is Stable


I have been waiting for so long to execute this project and the piece I was waiting for arrived today, the wings.

So I have three before pictures and have some below at the end of night one.

The Body

The Base

The Wings

The Plan is to have the bull rearing-up, not his natural posture, on a rocky base. I figured that the rider would just come naturally, so I presently do not have a plan for him. I figured I would mount a magnet in the rider and the Taurus so he can be removed if necessary.

End of Night 1

With the Taurus rearing-up, I had to remove a few legs and well adjust the angle that his junk hands (I am sure he was not happy about that). I did not like the horns it came from so I added dual horns. I have not sculpted anything yet, but am just getting him to line-up and hitting the pins with some green-stuff. Well have to see where the second night takes me.


I cant wait to see the finished project :Cheers


The cow is massive - your Taurus is certainly going to look beefy.

Har Har Har.

Kera foehunter:

wow that is great !! I like the duel horns

lol it look like you made him a steer no wounder he the 5th picture he looks mad!!

cant wait to see more maul!!


where did you get the cow from and did you make the base yourself


That is going to be one huge Taurus cant wait to see more pics

centauro enano:

:o Wow giant taurus, cant wait to see more pics .


he´s pretty big.are you sure the dwarf wouldnt look to small?


Im wondering if the scale will be off?


this will be a Great Taurus:)

i think you need to put your lord on a throne


It seems cool already now, I cannot waite to see more of it :slight_smile:


this will be a Great Taurus:)
i think you need to put your lord on a throne

This is way too big for just one CD... You'd be better to do something like the GW chaos mammoth and have several in there.


All these replies and nobody laughed at my awesome pun. :frowning:

Kera foehunter:

hey i did !! but a castrated bull is not a cow!! its a steer!!


I think the scale is fine, but having a large saddle wouldn’t hurt. Lots of room for decorations, I think.


Well night 2, I played D&D and just did not have time to work on it. Night three I worked on pinning again. We shall see if the green-stuff can hold the weight tonight. If it can, then I will get to start sculpting, if not additional bracing will have to be considered. That is one advantage to scratch building the whole thing, it you can sculpt it around a huge wire for easier mounting.

@Kera- he now intact again, a reverse castration, and yes the dangle is in the proper direction now:~

@ Hazkar, Willmark, it is pretty big, but I know that going in. Worst case scenario, it make end-up on a giant sized base. I agree with GRNDL, it will need a large saddle to be properly sized on top. I may take a night off to sketch some thoughts on the saddle set-up and rifle through my bits boxes.

@ All Evil, it was a good pun.

The bull is a Schleich Rodeo Bull, about $5 to $6, the wings are twice that.


Its waaay too huge, and maybee the wings are a bit too small for the body, but i cant tell it because the pictures angle. The hugeness is not a big problem, at least it is frightening on the table.

I think you should make a throne thing on the top rather a saddle, it would look much better.

centauro enano:

Good job, I like the way it comes :cheers


I am looking at more of a throne set-up on top. I have completed the first pass of my bits box.


I like it, but you’ll need to beef up the shoulder/wing area…