[Archive] Greater Daemon of Hashut



I wanted some feedback about this. I am trying to make a unit filler for a Chaos Dwarf themed Daemon army.


For my liking I would choose another head!

I don’t like the Lammasu head for this purpose - I would rather choose the Taurus head! :cheers

Wings were great imo! :hat off



I like the way it looks - although, in my opinion, the best ‘Hashut’ I’ve ever seen is the one Baggronor (I think) has on his ‘Altar to Hashut’.


I think it looks alright. Sure a different head might be nice… but I think it works. Particularly as it’s not supposed to represent Hashut himself but is instead a Greater Daemon of Hashut then why not look the way you have him!?. This is sort of a nice nod to the Chaos Dwarf underpinnings of Hashut’s power, but there’s nothing to say your next Greater Daemon of Hashut has to look anything like this one either.

Can you get any mileage out of the classic Doombull?

Although they’ll be rather small, the new Minotaurs might work with a little conversion and GS. I think I’d want to elongate parts of the body and limbs on those guys, and I still don’t care for the muscles… but in a pinch they’d do.



i do love that model appart from one little problem, why does he have a disengageable jaw?

Da Crusha:

@Kramdatta: pretty cool looking but I think the head is a little big for the bloodthirster body.

@Nitro: probably just for casting purposes.


What about wings? If I'm not mistaken, Hashut should be bull-like in appearance, but is He bull-taurus like i.e. with wings?
He should blatantly have wings :) the Taurus does.

I do think the Lammasu head is a little large for the BT body. I did make the body for my Altar of Hashut very large to fit it.
The Doombull model is massive, maybe he would be a better fit? The Lammasu hair might even fit nicely into the Doombull's mane. Although obviously the cost is a lot, but in an ideal world...

And surely a mighty hammer would suit him best!


And surely a mighty hammer would suit him best!

Hehe... like a Rocket Hammer?? ;)

Even looking at the Forge World Bloodthirster vs the GW one, the GW one looks rather more beastly and giving it a close look today at my FLGS it seems like it could really work with some GS (i.e. a big beard) and some other bits, removing the khorne symbols... then you can save the Lammasu head for a Lammasu proper.

Incidentally I saw this same blister at my local FLGS today, it's marked as a Minotaur Lord, but it's the same as the Classic Doombull as far as I know:

Then there's this 32mm guy from Enigma Miniatures:

And there's always the AoW one...

... they'd all need conversion and some are likely on the small side... more like a Herald of Hashut.

Personally I think you're on the right track with the Bloodletter body as it captures the basic size/scale that one would want.


The AOW one i’ve converted into a bad looking taurus.

not happy with it.


a balrog could fit this bill