[Archive] greater deamons


out of the many rumors ive heard about the new deamons, this has to be the most interesting, 100 milimeter greater deamons.

they would have to be plastic, and out of the kit you could make 1 and 9 tenths of one, if its anything like the dragon or giant.

so the questions are, do you think it could happen, have you heard any truth to the rumor, would it be one kit or 4, how much would it be, and if they base em on the forge world models what would the lord of change look like?


If it happens I might (might) buy one. My guess is that this is an excuse for GW to put up the prices of Greater Daemons. They charge much more for bigger models despite the fact they don’t cost very much more to make. If the model is impressive it might make a good centre piece though, and it’d be cool if there were enough bitz to make the majority of a daemon prince/Shaggoth