[Archive] Greatest National Anthem


Past or present. My vote probably goes to the old Imperial Canadian one (see Happy Canada Day thread), when sung to the correct tune (see youtube) it’s really stirring stuff.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

the welsh national anthem is the best out there

so much pride


I’m with you Godbob, Land of my Fathers is truly stirring. Bread of Heaven is also incredibly stirring, especially when the crowd sing it during the six nations. How the Welsh manage to get harmonies going in a stadium I’ll never understand


The USSR national anthem was an incredible piece of music.

As for the lyrics, I like none of them.


The Internationale ashur? I was raised on it like a good mini socialist


I’m not thinking in the International (although its a great song, specially in original french). I dont know the name of the second USSR anthem, but it was a lot more russian.

I was raised among socialists to.


I second ashur, nothing can compete with the soviet anthem - its like a musical sunrise :cheers

zorn sabretooth:

god save the south or the ussr one


Warplock breaks out into song, in dodgy Khazak accent

Khazakstan, greatest country in the world, all other countries are run by little girls. Khazakstan number One, exporter of pottasium, all other countries have inferior potasium…num nu num nu num nu nummmmmm

Kera foehunter:

the pirate athhem yo ho yo ho


Has to be the Welsh, though I may be biased.:hat off


Hands down the best national Anthem is the European Union.

Schiller’s Ode to Joy (set to music by Beethoven). Love it :cheers


The Rhodesian national anthem (another one I know) was set to Ode to Joy.

Maybe I’ve not heard the same version you guys have, but from YouTube the second soviet anthem (Hymn of the Soviet Union) is much better than the first.

What was God Save The South?

zorn sabretooth:

it was johhny rebs’s athem


Even thou its not the national anthem I’ve always liked “Waltzing Matilda”. Slim Dusty’s version at the 2000 Olympic Games was way cool.

What no love for the US anthem? Any song based on an English Beer drinking song cant be bad. By the way all of you should get praticed up on it: you’ll be hearing in in Beijing a lot next month… :wink:

zorn sabretooth:

well i did kinda vote for the us athem