[Archive] Greatest victories with Chaos Dwarfs

Da Crusha:

What was your greatest victory with chaos dwarfs? who were you facing and what was the moment that made this battle the greatest?


I have only been able to play three games with Chaos Dwarfs… and I didn’t win any of them :S

HOWEVER the second time I played them (which was under 7th ed rules) through some extremely lucky dice rolls my CD hero (with heavy armour, hand weapon and shield) lasted 3 whole turns on his own against a full unit of dragon princes.

Didn’t manage to gut any of them, but they were also unable to take him out, and the game ended with him on the table still in combat with them :stuck_out_tongue:


My beast moment was the second time I played them, it was against high elves when I shot his horde of 40 sword masters with my blunderbuss killing half of them in one shot.

Or it was killing kiros fateweaver with a single hit from a death rocket.


Mine was a 2000 point game against dwarfs, in total i lost 3 hobgoblins and that was it :smiley: I had two death rockets and 1 earth shaker and every turn that i fired them i hit right where i wanted to, (this was back in 7th so i had to guess) right in the middle of his big blocks of iron breakers, hammers, and long beards the dice where with me and i never scattered once during the game, once i had pounded these units to nothing i moved on to the rest, i even killed an organ gun with my unit of 10 hobgoblins as it did not shoot once in the whole game due to the earth shaker effect and they just walked up the board and killed the crew and over ran :smiley:


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richard barby:

useing the indy list i was playing dark elves under 7th ed i had a unit of 4 goloums staire down and beat a unit of 15 strike first black guard and a bsb hero even breaking them and in the 6th turn charging them and killing the last 3. along with just about everything going right for me and little going right for the guy i was playing.

under 8th i have had the goloums with the aid of mindrazor going through 30 slaves 20 plague monks and furnace and getting in to a skaven general bsb and 25 clan rats only for the last 2 to get killed by the warp lightning cannon at the bottom of the 6th


At the UK GT this weekend, I had some pretty good ones with my ‘counts as’ list, not the most crushing wins, but hard-won.

Moment of the Tournament: First Grudge-Thrower shot of the game kills 20 High Elves - Chaos Dwarf justice :cheers

Full report coming in WoH 11 :slight_smile:


Moment of the Tournament: First Grudge-Thrower shot of the game kills 20 High Elves - Chaos Dwarf justice :cheers

that makes me proud being a Chaos Dwarf:hat


I was at a tournament last june, first round playing against our western cousins.

I noticed hill with a wood on top and a normal woods in the middle of the board were just wide enough for my cd units, i let my wolf riders lead 1 block of ironbreake

The Snowman:

At a tourney back in January I faced a lizardmen army that advanced in a line across the board. I got my Taurus on one flank and a unit failed their terror test… fled through every lizard unit on the board, panicked about 4 big units off the table. Taurus worked it’s way through the remaining units and the one unit that was left was spent running to a table edge till the last turn.