[Archive] Green stuff on a airplane?


I’ll be taking a 5-day trip to Florida as you know, the day after the sprue contest’s deadline, and am thinking about bringing some green stuff so I can work on my Archon’s court. But one problem- If i buy the tubes of green stuff that save me loads of money, they look like they could be plastic explosives. Clearly I would not bring a bomb on a airplane, but I have heard that the TSA people will stop you for just about anything. So- do you think that bringing green stuff on a airplane would be a problem? I know that bringing a few things of paint, brushes, a bowl and a few models is no issue- But i just want to get a second opinion on this, since i would not want them taking $20 of GS off my hands.

I intend for this to be my main entertainment during a 3 hour coach-flight, not that long but still a while to be cramped in one seat. I thought about just keeping it in it’s original gale force 9 packaging, hoping that that would avert any wild assumptions that a hippie-ish Coloradan would bring plastic explosives, but whatever.

A Archon would hold quite a grudge for delaying the production of his court, a crime punishable by the transformation into a grotesque. For those of you don’t know about dark eldar lore, a grotesque is- was someone who betrayed one of our haemonculus (Dark Eldar who almost get a euphoria of pleasure from torture) in such a way that they are bound to a table, and pumped full of stimulants and growth steroids until the point that they are a tower of braindead muscle. It is a incredibly unpleasant experience that would run a cold chill up Hashut’s neck. Or not.

Thanks for the input- i just don’t want to have them taking my greenstuff for no reason.

Da Crusha:

oh man I don’t know what to tell you except maybe only bring a little and be prepared that they might take it away. I used to fly quite often and I know that they will not let you fly with liquids. I think 3oz is the highest amount that they will let you fly with. I would actually be more concerned about losing your sculpting tools. they once took away my nail cutter accessory because it looked sharp, personally I thought a pen would be more dangerous.


Yeah last time I was flying, they held me for 15 minutes for a lighter. I suppose its a lighter, but why would I bother putting it in that tray if I was some sort of madman?

Never the less, I will only be bringing self-sculpted sculpting tools (Green stuff tip, works well, dirt cheap!), a few paints with a unit of Kabalite warriors to paint. I just would rather be making my Archons court than painting more.


Be prepaired for them to take both your sculpting tools and your greenstuff of you. Likely they will NOT allow you on the plane with these items. Likely they will also burn your items or destroy them in a controlled fire or even impounded in airport security. If you are lucky you may be albe to claim them upon your return. I have worked in airport security before and after the events of 9/11 you couldnt take plastercine on a plane let alone a binary putty like greenstuff.


Random vaguely related post, a friend of mine was at an airport with a friend of hers.  This guy was being wanded and happened to joke ‘it’s like being in prison’…  Big mistake.

Took 3 hours and a cavity search before they let him out.  Not sure if there was a reason why it took so long, but I’m sure he won’t do that again. :slight_smile:


I assume you only got hand luggage, cos that makes it a bite more of a problem. and yes only bring a bit (but then it looks even more like explosives…)

Hashut’s Blessing:

Keep the greenstuff in your pocket nad it will never be known. The paints will have to be placed inside a clear plastic bag. As has been said, it’s the tools you use that will most likely be taken after that. If they’re plastic keep them on you, if not, they’ll likely get taken.


I like Hashut’s Blessings idea- I figure I could just keep any non-metallic tools/greenstuff in the inner pockets of my coat. I figure the paints are of no issue, if they take them I’ll be surprised. I will say that TSA have got to have a bad job, but never the less they are almost always bad people. I suppose ill just keep my mouth shut (Normally i would have a plethora of jokes and comebacks… just me.) and kiss some arse.

But hey it will be worth it, I would love to grind out 3 hours of a unit for my archon. Hopefully I can get a Sslyth fully sculpted, I’m itching to paint one!

Thanks for the advice and assistance.


Just put it in your check in baggage. The dogs will pass it by, since its not drugs or explosives.

richard barby:

how about ringing the airline/ airport in advance explaineing that its epoxi and you may be ok to put it in to your main luggage

if its sealed this may help you get it on a plane as well


Sorry, couldn’t resist!!

As long as none of the tools have sharp ends you will be OK.  Just don’t put them in the same sleeve/pouch as your electronics or they will check it (50-50 chance). Keep the tools bundled together with an elastic if you’re taking it with carry-on.  Separate metal rods that are just in there in a jumble will look like a bunch of long nails to the X-ray scanners.

As for the GS, don’t say a word about it. If they stop you and look just fess up, be straight and tell them that it’s non-toxic epoxy putty for doing sculpting.

I’ve flown into the US from Canada (so this is cross-border travel where we’re heavily scrutinized) and taken microtome blades, brains and other organs, strong oxidizers (always below 1 g), you name it.

Print this out and have it on your person if you’re stopped and asked.  This is what they will require, even though 99% of security staff will have no idea what to do with it, it shows that you know what you’re carrying and they will be able to document it… at which point they will send you on your way.

Honestly, I’ll be surprised if you’re stopped.



Sorry, couldn't resist!!

i have had enough of this motherf****** green stuff on this motherf****** plane!!!!
Sorry, couldn't resist!!


lol ahhhhh green-stuff-snake!!

I’m going to say you are VERY likely to have it taken off you.

TBH it even looks like the plastic explosive off Mission Impossilbe 1 (a bit anyway)

I’d be tempted to ring the airport and ask if it would be ok, and ask them to clarify if not?


Nicodemus: That is hilarious! I will print that out fore sure, since its clearly harmless(Unless you inhale it, but who would try that?). I don’t think they will have any issues, I think that I will hide it but not look like I’m hiding it. Around here they x-ray your coat, as if we could make a paper-thin bomb. So I think I’ll carve some plasticard sculpting blades/tools (Since Frontire allows plastic knives), and put the models I will be working on inside of a suitcase filled with foam for holding them, the tubes in the 2nd layer, and some paints. I’ve kept the greenstuff packaging and will keep that on me along with the safety data sheet you gave me a link to. If they are really that serious about it I’ll show them some of my greens, and ball a little together to prove its not some form of hippy-explosive.



Yeah last time I was flying, they held me for 15 minutes for a lighter. I suppose its a lighter, but why would I bother putting it in that tray if I was some sort of madman?

That's odd, I've been doing a couple of transatlantic flights the past years and at every point they take the lighter form by backpack, test it to see it's really a lighter and put it back.

The only place it been an issue was in Springfield, Il, where they wanted to hand-search the backpack since I had the lighter. Knock yourself out I told them. Apparently all the tangled wire of my hands-free in the same pocket got them all "curious".

Funnily the only use that lighter sees is the airport security testing it. I'm not a smoker. But I'm also not going to be the guy who doesn't have a light when a hot supermodel asks for it.