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Was the weather on my way into work in the morning :frowning:

Today was the first day this autumn/winter that it was still dark when I arrived at work this morning.

And it was raining as well.

Ah the glorious British Weather :slight_smile:




Not as grim as the egg sandwich I had for my lunch.


If this can be of any solace for the both of you I’m in Slovakia at the moment and the weather is just beautiful!!! Walking through woods colored in various shades of pallid green, yellow, orange and brown whilst the sun shines high above is just amazing!!!

Come on Vogon, England’s countryside is just as beautiful as this one, get out there for a walk during the week end!!!


@ Skink, Yes the whole of the British countryside is wonderful and we’re very lucky and live right in the middle of the peak district. We were out Geocaching at the weekend, getting (a bit too) up close and personal with the greenery in the area and having a great time.

@ Nilbog, At least my lunch was nice :slight_smile:




The thing I can’t stand is going home at the end of the day in the dark.


When I was in London a friend of me worked in a café in Liverpool street’s underground station. Basically during winter she was always living in the darkness (except during her days off of course). Man, I would have NEVER done her job!


For two months from about now, if you leave for work before 8 and go home after 16 you basically do not see the sun and hardly any light.

Depending a bit of course if you’ve got windows and all. My office at uni always have blinders down so unless it’s really sunny outside I hardly notice the difference between morning and afternoon.

Kera foehunter:

Well we here in Ohio is going to the grey season

Bone cold Rains and our beautiful sun block skies

Grimbold Blackhammer:

It’s warm and sunny in San Diego this morning! And it’s Turkey Day - best meal of the year! Woot!!

Grimbold “the soon to be fat” Blackhammer