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kin slayer:

hi, After i read your liber Hashut and your Chaos dwarf history i have to say it amazing.

It has all so given me i idea to write a story about, The war between the dwarf clans (king Zharkhoran and followers against the dwarfs who still followed the Ancestor Gods).

I have all so been playing about with the idea of an army list base on some of the followers of the dwarfs Ancestor Gods,They find away out of Zharr Naggrund before the war ends, (They hide out in the Mountains of Mourn were they start to try and rebuild one of the abandoned holds there.)

I can go in to more detail if you need it, but if your not cool with me doing any of this then i will bin the hole idea. If i can have your permision to do this (because it comes from your background) i will get it started and up on here as soon as i can.



I could hardly not reply in a thread so titled. :wink:

Cheers for reading the fluff and you are most welcome to write whatever you like! It would be interesting to note that in my timeline (which I’m not sure is actually on here), the reason the Dwarfs/chaos dwarfs cannot travel back west for a while is first because of the mutants created by the magical storm (multi headed hobgoblin beasts, ogre monstrosities etc), but later on because the hobgoblins grew enourmously in number and it was impossible to break through until the CD had enough strength.

So that would be something to bear in mind. Obviously you can ignore all that if you want.

kin slayer:

What can i say best way to get you to have a look lol, and thanks for the permision i’ll get cracking on it now