[Archive] Grimstonefire's Retirement

Ancient History:

Ah, man. Take care, bro.


Thanks for everything you did, take care Grim. Enjoy your retirement, but do stay in touch mister!


Enjoy your retirement Grim, ofc we all hope you'll come back.
But in the meantime pick up fishing, somehow it seems fitting for retired CD staff member. ;)

Hehe, I can just imagine an old CD sitting on a blackened rock fishing with a hellsteel rod into a nearby lava flow, then pulling out a bull-headed fish....
Or maybe that's just 'cause it's 3am here ;P


Hashut’s Blessing:

GSF, sad to see you go. Been a colleague in CD crime prevention for many a year now. I’ll hold down the fort whilst you’re gone :wink:

Hope things come together and always got an ear (or rather eye, I suppose) for when ya want it. Don’t remain a stranger!


It should be noted Grim will be on the site just not in a Staff capacity. You’ll see him from time to time.


Bye dude.

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