[Archive] Grimstonefire's Retirement


It’s with great sadness that the Staff is announcing that Grimstonefire is retiring as a Staffer here at Chaos Dwarfs Online for an indefinite period of time.

For those not in the know Grim has been a Staffer here from the very start of CDO and was active for many years over at Hand of Hashut prior to the launch of this site. To say that Grim’s commitment to Chaos Dwarfs has been strong would be an understatement.

Grim needs to take some time away from the hobby and the Staff is fully supportive of him and his needs. In short there are things that transcend our hobby. Grim may be on from time to time, but he felt that it was best to clear up any misconceptions as to his role or should any members of the site need assistance from the Staff.

In closing the entire Staff and I wish Grim well and hope for a day when he will rejoin us with his enthusiasm, knowledge, skill and dedication to the cause of the Dawi Zharr.



Yeah that dude was awesome, always giving updates as to whats going on with the dark stunties and what not. All the best too him in the future!


All the best grim.

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All the best grim! Since I joined you’ve welcomed me and inspired me in equal measure. Cheers mate!


You and your work were always a great inspiration for me and many others here at CDO! :hat off

I hope you will stay here and share your work with the community furthermore!

I wish you all the best Grim!



You will be missed!

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I respect you decision, Grim - but like Tjub said, you will certainly be missed, as a staff member. Hopefully you stick around and still be showing off you fantastic creation and continue contribution with cool fan background material and new rule suggestions.

Take care my friend.

Cheers Carsten


You’ll be missed, drop in from time to time!


I am too sad to write anything meaningful. So all I am going to say, is good luck with the future, and hopefully the retirement from the staff position does not mean a retirement from CDO alltogether.


Take care Grim. Never talked to you but read your posts and was inspired by them. Hope to see you posting and sharing your knowledge again some time :slight_smile:



Gonna miss you, mate: hope to see you return soon after everything’s calmed down a bit for you.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Take care Grim, take your time and if you feel like returning to CDO one day there will be many people happy to welcome you back!


All the best, take care. You and your enthusiasm will be missed.


Thanks for all your kind words.

Yes, with some regret I chose to resign as a staffer. This is the first time in 6 years I have not been an active staffer on a forum.

Admin and mod duties require commitment and enthusiasm, neither of which I can honestly say I have any more. Which, as Willmark said, I felt was going to be confusing for both staffers and members if I kept posting as admin. So it had to be resolved eventually.

Although I have moved to the hall of retired staff, where the pretty female Dawi bring in plates of food and kegs of the best beer, I will still be posting frequently here.


You simply must pop over here from time to time. Sad to see you leave the staffers but glad you hopefully will still be arround.

Blue in VT:

:cheers Grimm…enjoy your retirement!

:hat off



I wish you the best Grim, you are a great guy and you did an amazing job as staff here.

I hope things go well. Stay in touch, please!


Take all the time you need, dude.

…but you better come back :wink: There is sculpting I may need to hire you for.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Jeeze Grim…you just HAD to retire on short notice? We didn’t even get to throw you a big banquet hall retirement party or anything! We didn’t even get to present you with your gold watch and docked retirement pay cheque.

But seriously, I hope you will still post regular threads and pics of your models from time to time.

You will be missed bro!


Enjoy your retirement Grim, ofc we all hope you’ll come back.

But in the meantime pick up fishing, somehow it seems fitting for retired CD staff member. :wink: