[Archive] Grunts' Beasts


Well, I’m a little bit opposed to putting non-CD pics up, but I couldn’t resist putting up a couple of my beast models.

Doombull & Shaman.

Pestigor test model. I decided I wanted to try a unit with alot of washes and blending. 8 hours of straight painting later, here he is. I don’t think there’s a single part of this model that doesn’t have at least 2 colour washes. The handle of the axe for example (bestial brown basecoat, wash of black, wash of dark angel green, highlight with bestial brown then snakebite leather then bubonic brown) Just too much work :sick


Wow! Now that is a great weapon! Pics are a bit fuzzy so its hard to tell teh true colors, looks pretty good thou…


Does that Doombull rank up? I’ve been looking for ways to convert these guys to lead the monster army which will one day form the next stage of my chaos army expansion (Doombull general Shaagoth champion of Slaanesh, exalted daemons and mortal heroes on monsterous mounts as other characters, minotours as core, chaos ogres and trolls as special, dragon ogres and another Shaagoth as rare) but I can’t think of one that’ll fit in a unit