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what I got so far, it isnt much yet and I have some other projects that I’m giving priority - pictures suck but i’ll replace asap - :

(the only things painted so far by me: 2x15 blunderbusses, 5 bull centaurs)

and these will become my hobgoblin archers (good thing they’re larger then the current night goblin archers :p):

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Great big hat army Grupax, what have you used as the shield on the unit of axe men ?


bighats are the way to go :hat off, shame it’s so hard to get my hands on some “economy friendly” hobgoblins

some babylonian or assyrian shields from some miniature company (dunno wich one anymore)

had to wait 5 months after ordering as they still needed to cast them :stuck_out_tongue:

-hence the delay, and the other side projects that came in between.

at least it gave me the time to finish my O&G

must say the shields where as large as the dwarf holding it so i had to clip off the bottom half (except for those that I’ll give to the centaurs)



I like the ginger beards - they remind me of Geoff Hamiltons’ Chaos Dwarves. The non-standard Bull Centaur scheme works really well too!

The Brain:

nice army I really like the color shceme on the bull centaurs.


I approve bull centaurs color scheme.

I use the same hobgoblin/goblins too, they are larger and their hats really look like hobgoblins hats. :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

I love the color of your bull centaurs what color did you use

could you tell me please !!


I love the color of your bull centaurs what color did you use
could you tell me please !!

Kera foehunter
-the body is a primer that resembles bleached bone, with devlan mud/ogre flesh
- orange: is Blazing orange, then fiery orange, washed with devlan mud/ogre flesh + highlight with Fiery Orange.
-armour is from a tutorial used on a chaos lord in the white dwarf
-flesh is done with dwarven flesh and ogre flesh +some highlights
-beards are mostly snakebite leather + ogre flesh and highlights
(severaldifferent kinds of brown variations)

quite a mouthfull.
(loads of ogre flesh :p)
wanted to go for a multicolored army, with brass/brown to hold it all toghether and give it an antique look,
In RL it looks like a bunch of old quarters (as before the pictures suck)


painted stuff together - gives a bit more of an idea on how I want their “look and feel”


Great picture :slight_smile: i am loving thoses bull centaurs they look ace :hat

Border Reiver:

The skin tones look good, the colour scheme is interesting and well done, but being me, I have two criticisms:

a. The blue wash you’ve applied to the metal needs to be more evenly applied, the effect is good where it is, but the areas where it didn’t flow look off compared to the rest of your work; and

b. There are not nearly enough painted models. Don’t make us have to get the whip…


I have to join the opinions of the others - your BCs have a great paint scheme! :hat off

The other troops look cool - but the BCs … outstanding! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I want to see more minis, the whole army … fast please :cheers