[Archive] Guess game: The Binding of the Daemon Lugg-Hazh


Hoy, I’ll add a rank filler/K’daai Fireborn to my army which will stand out a bit. For the fun of it I wrote a quick fluff section on it.

It’s an unconverted metal miniature. It’s not a GW reference or model. Can you guess which one? You may be able to, if you’ve done your fantasy reading!

Take a look at the background piece below and make a guess. :cheers

"Darkness be. The ashes of humiliation have been swallowed. The preparations have been made. The sacrifices are ready. Let the ritual of binding commence.

I, Merhanzibul Eyegouger, son of Grazhik and Aekra of clan Himzhul, summon thee.

I, who am the Dark Father’s slave and fodder, summon high god Hashut as judge of this ritual.

Oh, you Lord of fire and greed. I prostrate myself before your idol. May you accept this mutilation sacrifice of a live thrall’s limb. My dedication is yours. Your fire devour!

I, most craven of creatures, summon the three vigilant Daemons of myth, Urnak, Irzak and Mralfubaal, as witnesses of this ritual.

Hear me, see me, know me, heinous watchers. Receive this rune-scarring sacrifice upon the whipped backs of three thralls. Drink deep of it as payment for your service.

Yet beware, Daemonkin, for my kin owns your souls and possess everlasting mastery of your fickle bodies. Vigiliance be mutual. You may not betray, lie or close your eyes to this ritual. Your humiliation endures!

I, who am but a slave to darkness, invoke the power of the sorcerous wards and obsidian cages, and beseech thee to enslave and trample the living will out of your victim. May this splattering of thrall blood guide hunger.

I, blacksmith of Chaos, reach into the mysteries beyond matter and spirit and calls out to the Daemon known as Lugg-Hazh and command you thrice to answer my summoning!

Answer! Answer! Answer!

I, breaker of backs, crusher of heads, see you, mighty Lugg-Hazh. Your name is known to me and your name is written on this cage which now falls onto your strong form and traps it.

In the name of Hashut the Father of Darkness I hereby cripple and enslave your being into a bound existence in ash and chains. Hear my nine commandments!

You will not betray your masters.

You will not rebel against your masters.

You will not protest against your masters.

You will not lie to your masters.

You will not refuse your masters’ will.

You will not destroy the property of your masters.

You will not plot against your masters.

You will not escape from your masters.

You will not seek vengeance against your masters.

Know that my lord Sorcerer-Prophet Nir-Kezhar is now your first master. Know that I, enslaver of souls, is now your second master. Know that the Red Host is now your third master. Know that your masters are now Dawi Zharr.

Heed our will, Lugg-Hazh. Carry our burdens and swallow our foes.

You will know the cruelty of torture and the ashes of humiliation as punishment should you fail in your tasks. You will know the drink of blood and the food of flesh should you succeed in your tasks.

Rise, slave, and be forever our slave.

I, bringer of sacrifices, end this ritual which Hashut has judged and the three Daemons of myth have witnessed. Darkness be."

- Binding of the Daemon Lugg-Hazh


No Idea. But that was a pretty nice test. If you read that before every game your k’daii will never fail.

Fuggit Khan:

This sounds so vaguely familiar…I have a hunch it may of been something I read as a kid? But I can’t quite place it…it vaguely reminds me of an old game I had as a kid that was where you would play a sorceror summoning demons to fight other players/sorcerors (can’t remember the name of the game though).

It also has a slight biblical tone to it…whatever it’s from, it’s well written and an enjoyable read.

it’s going to bug me all day as I try to figure it out


Good of you guys to attempt the guess game. The name and one of the lines are important clues as to what character it is.

Another clue: It is a character created by a famous English author.

Thanks, besides! The summoning ramble was made up on the spot.


A last clue before revealing the miniature when I have painted it.

He, or it, have hinges.

Fuggit Khan:

I was actually thinking about this over the weekend…I’m still stumped, yet it still sounds so vaguely familiar. I have not given up yet…but I have also resigned myself to the fact that I just can’t figure it out :wink:



Good of you to try it, Fuggit Khan! The answer is the Luggage from Discworld Miniatures. This is Lugg-Hazh:

It’s not such a completely mad unit filler if you think of Chaos on the one hand, and the greed of Chaos Dwarfs on the other. You need somewhere to store those precious objects when on campaigns.

Something that bite. :hat off


It's not such a completely mad unit filler if you think of Chaos on the one hand, and the greed of Chaos Dwarfs on the other. You need somewhere to store those precious objects when on campaigns.

Something that bite. :hat off

Pure genius, I feel my unit-in-the-making is naked and ill-equipped now lol


Its a great unit filler imo. Dont need to have big and wacky things all the time as fillers…

And cool chest it is!!


Ahahaha! That is absolutely brilliant! I love it.

It was that crazy chest that made me read all them discworld books. Great little sculpt.

Fuggit Khan:

Ah! the name is a clever touch…‘Lugg’ should have been my clue :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyways, a very cool mini, and nicely painted as well…I think I will have to buy one of these little chest guys too, looks fun to paint up :hat off


I had no hope at all. I only read the first disc world novel and that was sooo long ago.


Thanks guys. Someone at Warseer managed to guess right. Maybe there’ll be more guess games in the future. :cheers