[Archive] Gundini's Chaos Dwarf Army


SO ive started too convert new models and paint my old chaos dwarf stuff.

The old stuff from the 4th edition of chaos dwarfs are

2 Death Rockets with crew

1 Earth Shaker with crew

20 old cd warriors

7 cd with blunderbusses

2 cd command groups

1 cd lord

1 cd sorcerer lord

Now i got all this for 25 dollars a few years back.

Im thinking ill convert a few more blunderbusses make a unit of 14.

Not use the old warriors and just make two groups of 9(18 total) too add up too two units of 12 cd warrior. Keep the war machines which look pretty cool. Thatll give me a good amount of core units too begin with besides that ill just convert all my bfsp night goblins into hobgobs will post some pics as soon as ive got started but any extra thoughts on what the army “should” have will be useful. :cheers


i think you should either have a unit of immortals (rules in the new WOH) or some black orcs so youve got some 'ard fighters also bolt throwers lots and lots of bolt throwers, thousands of millions of bolt throwers muhahahaha