[Archive] GW 2008 Collector's Guide


I see the GW 2008 Collector’s Guide is out.  No CD in it, but I do really like the Dwarf Adventurers on page 25.

The Ork Goffik Rock band on page 36 is quite amusing as well.

GW 2008 Collector’s Guide


This guide has been out for quite some time.


I’ve never seen it before, so thanks for posting it Wallacer.


Have you seen the new collectors Orc with a pig model? I must have that one! :slight_smile:


Have you seen the new collectors Orc with a pig model?  

That is kind of funny. It reminds me of the Rackham figure carrying the sheep on his back.


Is he Irish? I wonder if there is anyone on here who even heard the references to an Irishman with a pig under his arm, given how onscure it is (not funny or anything).

Kera foehunter:

ha ha that sweet a pig stealing orc. thaks i never seen the guide eather

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

i can’t get the guide because it kills my conputer when i open it but i’m so getting that orc maybe for a unit champion or for my unit of big’un ya :slight_smile:


Have you seen the new collectors Orc with a pig model? I must have that one! :)

Yes, I saw him in WD344 (btw: which is on of the best WDs in a very long time - hope this starts a new era) - he must have a place in my Rading Party somehow *thinking, thinking*

And you should take a look at the other 3 new CR ones (the Santosa pirates and the vampire).

Kera foehunter:

Yea like a pay 10 dollars for an undead survy dog pirate.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I never even knew there WAS a Collector’s Guide, he he he. I do agree that WD has been improving, but ti’s still not as it was (at least it’s got better though). cornixt, I have no idea what the reference is to, but I got it, he he he. Of course, it probably helps add to the irish theme with the fact he’s green! It is one of the better sculpted miniatures to have come out from GW recently. I’ll look at the actual guide later, I have a lot of catching up to do and so have saved it to my computer for now.