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Very interesting - although royalties seems very low. Where did you find this Wallacer?

Pyro Stick:

Very interesting - although royalties seems very low. Where did you find this Wallacer?



Very interesting - although royalties seems very low. Where did you find this Wallacer?

As a publicly traded company they have to provide this each year.


A quick glance tells me (I’ll read the rest when I have more time) GW is actually going up which is quite positive as there might be more room for expansion; game/army/miniatures wise.


I read through it this AM:

Really it’s more of a status quote there. Not much has changed for them since last year’s report.

To me it’s irrelevant if GW survives; it’s IP and business is such that some company would buy it.


Maybe I’ll buy one share of GW stock, and keep standing up at their annual general meetings suggesting the ressurection of the Chaos Dwarfs?

Also, on a financial note, does anyone know if a) ‘The Hobbit’ is actually going to get made? (I know Guillermo del Toro recently opted out of directing it (them) - a good thing in my opinion); and b) if GW is going to get merchandising rights?

If I remember correctly, GW made a lot of cash (initially) on the LoTR stuff in the beginnning, so there may be an opportunity here… Also, the upcoming Warhammer 40K movie (http://ultramarinesthemovie.com/) may lead to raising the value of the IP…



Sales are down, revenue is up due only to the shifts in the money market.

They’ve been able to pay off the 1.6mil they owed last year by doing internal cuts and changes.

Their trade stock has been bouncing around the 400p mark, their OTC stocks are jumping between 4 and 5 USD.

The new 1-man store model has been successful with new ones showing a profit over cost of opening and operating in the first year of opening (which isn’t an easy boast).

GW plans on opening more stores, but we won’t see the “50/100 stores opening this year” headline in White Dwarf again, any time soon. The CEO says they’re going to try and maintain their business mainly as a manufacturer.

With the exception of North America, there are less one man GW stores than there are other kinds.

As I’ve pointed out in other forums on this, GW is the tower in the village, the totem pole in the tepees, the mile marker. They’re the big example of how the market effects, not just them, but how it effects the entire miniatures industry. If GW is doing poorly, you can only imagine what the home grown miniatures companies are looking like.

Likewise, if GW fails, there are a lot of companies that lean against it and require it for support. There’s spackle companies like Avatars of War and, to some extent, Scibor who fill in gaps in the business and piggyback off the imagery and look of GW IP.

Many smaller companies have even gone on to mention, in the past ten years, about how GW brings more people into the miniatures hobby than any five of the smaller companies put together. Many who play games from companies like Privateer Press and Reaper will admit to being drawn in or hearing about GW first. Not too big to fail, but food for thought.


Here it’s possible to see GW’s progresses in Stock Exchange from Monday until Friday:

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