[Archive] GW manticore into lamasu conversion


I am kicking around the idea of using the  GW manticore with rider model as a base for a lamasu riding Sorcerer. Has anyone had an luck doing this?


i have seen a manticore used but i think its a little skinny so i have used GW plastic demon prince with a hell load of greenstuff


I know that there was done by tjubs, he’s has in the Lammasu Gallery located here

Da Crusha:

during 7th ed I thought the manticore conversion was too big and scary looking to properly represent the lammasu statline, but now that they have thunderstomp I think it fits them nicely.


I have made my Lammasu of this Manticore too!

Here is the result - not so extraordinary as tjub’s one but for less skilled guys quite ok - imo! :wink:



Well, this is my basic plan, what do ya’ll think?


maybe human up the face a touch?

-or does that not bother you?


I used a giants head, it fit nicely. But I think a manticore head could work well for a more beastial look, could be enough just to paint in a more human flesh skin tone? :slight_smile:


is was going to make one, way back in the days - but it was later turned into my Bonebreaker for my skaven army - but I still think it is a great start for a conversion - so just start the project :slight_smile:


Well, just placed the order, so work should start when it arrives in two days. I’m brainstorming on how to handle the beard. I tend to make a beard shaped blob and work it down into the braided beard, but I am not certain if it will work on a model this big.

Da Crusha:

I always thought these reigns would make nice braids for a beard.



anyway mate, I cannot waite to see how it turns out.



Work in progress


Looking good keep it up!