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some of you out there may have been looking at warseers thread on gw share price, today it went down over 14 points to 176 1/2.:o

gw originally floated at 180 and it went up to a staggering 800 and has now plummeted, gw will anounce thier interim report for the last 6 months in january

i get the feeling theres a lot of nervous investors out there with thier hands over the sell button at the moment :frowning:

Pyro Stick:

Lol GW totally suck. I like to take every oportunity i can to laugh at them. I wonder what the share price for WD is? Or is that just part of GW?


It’s all part of GW.


I hope they don’t get bought out and asset stripped.

Kera foehunter:

Sell sell sell the boat sinking all the rats are selling off.


GW shares will definately go down once the results are in.

Retail sales suck in the UK at the moment, and GW was already doing badly.

I almost bought last time they were this price (5 years ago I think), then watched in horror as they crept up to �9 or whatever it was.

I swore I’d buy as soon as they went this low again, but the reasons they are dropping don’t seem to be addressed.

I’m expecting something like a closure of 10% of GW stores worldwide, and an expansion into non gaming stores.


If Peter Jackson ever makes a movie of The Hobbit & GW gets the gaming rights again, it might sky-rocket again.


He’s making two Hobbit movies, probably the book in two halves.


He's making two Hobbit movies, probably the book in two halves.

Really? Its definite?? There has been a contract signed & plans for production & cast? I thought it was still only being negotiated. If you have a link to some information, I'd like to see it. I'm a big fan. I'm not doubting you- I just havent seen any concrete news myself.


while i was typing the original post it went down to 173 which is 18+ points in one day, if it goes below 170 today or forbid it happens below 160 then there will be trouble, possibly an emergency share meeting with the way its dropping like a stone

Kera foehunter:

Can do the hobbit in two movie lamo.Maybe he will do bilbo in the younger years

one 3 hour movie for the hobbit is fine.

Evil Fordy:

Where can I get shares please


i heard they werent letting jackson do it because he spent too much time and money on the last 3.


The original deal was off because Jackson said he wasn’t getting his share of profits. Now it is back on again:

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Jackson to produce Hobbit movies

Pyro Stick:

Hes doing Halo as well though so he might concentrate on that first.

Whats the share price now? Where do you find out about this stuff?


GW’s yearly progress, or lack thereof:

ooo, thats not pretty

More GW graphs

Pyro Stick:


Is the 159 here the share price?


Games Workshop Group PLC, GAW:LSE summary - FT.com

Apprx 18% in 2 DAYS…��:o

Seriously bad news,��Currently trading at �1.59

Do people think that their profitability would determine when they do CD? Its very expensive to create a whole new army, but by the time its out it will have been so long since they made a new army for warhammer loads of people might buy it?


Christmas trading must be pretty bad, toy stocks usually go up at Christmas.


Spose you could argue that there’s the cumulative effect of the slump in the global economy and the relatively high interest rates of the UK stunting sales…

however, it really is down to them and their bad decisions. How anyone can price hike as much as they have over the last few years and still make such a pigs ear of it, what are they doing? investing heavily in magic beans?