[Archive] gw stuff do you buy alot

Kera foehunter:

well i like to see if people still buy a lot of there stuff

i haven’t bought any in a long time!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I bought a lot in autumn, was Chaos Marines and Forgeworld stuff for our Apocalypse game, then the Fantasy Chaos Armydeal in October or so and a few tyranids here and there. With all that new stuff I didn’t buy anything for several months after that. Last week I ordered some things for our gaming group. I have to say that the new online shop is quite comfy to use. :slight_smile:

Pyro Stick:

lol i was just about to start one of these threads, but with a poll.

I havent bought anything from gw in years. I buy from maelstromgames if i need anything. The last thing i bought form them was a box of grey knights before the price went up.


What exactly do we mean by this though? Its not like we steal our miniatures. Right? RIGHT!?!? :~

Directly from GW? Or GW’s products?

I don’t have a GW store closer than half a day’s worth of travel by boat and/or train/buses. Only LGSs, so I haven’t bought anything directly from GW since 2005 when I visited Glasgow.

When the pound dipped earlier this year I bought a LOAD of Orks from Maelstrom and I’ve been buying WD from the grocery store and LGSs as well as all 40k codices.

Nowadays I usually wait for “bargains” when I stock up on things I want. Which conveniently enough encompasses almost very army out so there’s always something I’m interested in.


I do buy GW stuff, even if I’m gonna try to buy it online as I have no money and the 10 to 20% or so off is really attractive. I buy very rarely though, as I already have a huge number of models I need to build & paint I am not interested in buying much more right now.

If I can I try to buy cheaper stuff too, so cutters, paint, brushes, and some (many) of the warmaster models I will buy one day will probably not be GW’s. But I have yet to find green stuff or equivalent over here in Paris … :~


If I need parts, like some BfSP items I go to the Warstore, I only buy publications, the odd tool, and maybe a couple of full kits from GW directly.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, I got a few things for my birthday, but beyond that, I’ve probably not bought anything from Games Workshop for at least 6 months, absolute minimum. If I buy anything, I’ve now got a tendency to buy things online from miniatures shops that sell many things, but that’s because they sell them at a reduced price AND generally provide free delivery on items to the England, both of which are bonuses as it means I save money (which, let’s be honest, every NEEDS to do with Games Workshop nowadays) and I don;t have to go anywhere (well, to the door, lol).

But, as I’ve said (maybe 4 or 5 times, lol) in another thread, I can’t afford them after the price increase. So, ANYthing I buy will now be online or not bought by me. Games Workshop has pushed me out of their demand.


I haven’t bought anything in a while (I hate being unemployed like I am at the moment). If I had the spare funds I might pick up some stuff.


I have far too much unpainted stuff to paint sell or convert first before I get anything else.

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

I do still but with the price increase i’ll have to resort to online now :frowning:


I was planning on buying the new Stank but changed my mind (and my shorts) when I saw the cost.

If they ever redo CD though i’ll probably spend a small fortune on their figures.

Kera foehunter:

i have not bought any thing new since the fall (october)

i traded for a few things!! but i wanted to buys some of the new chaos warrior

but due to the times i have not the money like i did last year!!


I have spent about £40 so far this year, and had about the same bought for me.  Last year I spent near £150 (incl. games day ticket), which is not much at all for me, considering that in the good years I might have spent nearer £400.

I don’t anticipate buying any models period in the next year, mainly because of budgeting but also because I have so much to catch up on!  After this will depend on what this rumoured army turns out to be.

Captain Crayon:

I buy a fair bit :stuck_out_tongue:

When the Australian Dollar was pretty strong i bought a few bits and pieces from the UK cause it worked out almost half price as to what it would cost me here…

2 space marine dreadnoughts

3 boxes of grey knights

box of grey knight terminators

box of goblin wolf riders

2 chimeras

2 leman russ

leman russ demolisher


loads of necromunda stuff

that imperial sector cityfight terrain box

black orcs

25 savage orcs

another giant


though lately i’ve bought mainly second hand, older models from ebay, like my big hats, forest goblins, loads of old plastic night goblins, bits and pieces to make 4 more spear chukkas and another rock lobber, a couple of BFSP trolls, dogs of war stuff, empire stuff, and a bucketload of bits for converting.

Lately my non-GW purchases are more to do with me chasing older out of production stuff than the prices… I was most pleased with managing to grab enough bits and pieces to make 4 more spear chukkas including crew and orc bullies for 50 Australian dollars. Normally would cost me 120. :slight_smile:


I only buy older models for my colllection ofF Ebay now and again.I buy paints from GW and get alot of presents each year.So far this year i have recieved an Eldar wave serpent the chaos Knights and marauder horsemen .All are made and undercoated though apart from the wave serpent i cant see me painting the awesome knights as my evil plans for my 3rd ed Chaos dwarfs are shifting a gear :hat

I cant wait to see the new race that might get me spending


Currently I only buy paints at GW!

The last new minis which I bought are all non GW models, they are much cooler and made of metal!

Only at eBay I bought old GW minis, the last minis I bought in a store were Highelfs for my daughter and this is about 1 or 2 years ago …

IMO they are much too expensive and they aren´t much better modeled than the rival products!



i buy everything from GW but i have plans on buying stuff from the internet instead

Auretious Taak:

When the Australian Dollar was pretty strong i bought a few bits and pieces from the UK cause it worked out almost half price as to what it would cost me here...

Captain Crayon
Which is quite stupid, you'd think that GW would just globalise the cost of items and make it baed off the English Pound, and maybe each month just update the cost of stuff in stores worldwide to bring in the pricing inline with the UK stuff. Bit of fiddling around for sure, but maybe then they'd stop throwing onscene price rises at us all.

Me, I've discovered the second hand market, in particular trading and making profitable trades. It's been awesome, and now I have too many mini's...well to paint anyways.


Kera foehunter:

yea maybe we should mail back are none use pieces postage due!!


I still buy the odd box or two but i dont buy from there too often mind you.