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I know it’s the wrong type of Dwarfs but I thought I’d ask anyway.

I really hate the GW " Kinder Egg " model and I also didn’t want to pay £28 each for them. So I had a look around and settled on these for £12 each





I’m looking for ideas for Steam guns / some sort multishot gun and dwarfish type bomb ideas ( barrel etc )

I’m going for a red / black / bronze scheme for the army… so at least the Bomber will need a repaint.


Don’t know what happening with the links. Don’t work on my computer.


Sorry, they don’t work for me either.


link updated

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You know that you can easily put together bi/triplane(s) just by glueing together bits of plasticard (& balsa wood) right? Here, check these out, top row, first photo from the right. Yes I know that the main body isn’t converted, but aside from it everything else is scratchbuilt. Another great blog for awesome plasticard vehicles is the Irondog Studios, check the Mek’s Shop section and be ready to loose your next 2 hours. Finally, Plastruct is a must for everyone wanting to create custom vehicles!!!

Ben Saunders:

Here’s another possibility: