[Archive] H: A bunch, W: Chaos Dwarf and More


I can furnish pics of all of this upon request. If you see somthing you want hit me up.


-----------Orcs and Goblins------------

Warboss on Boar

Savage Orc Great Shaman on Boar

Grimgor Ironhide

100+ Night Goblins

5+ Night Goblin Fanatics

1 Grom The Paunch

6+ snotlings Bases, most are metal

5+ Boar Boys

10+ Wolfriders

2+ Orc Chariot

30+ Arrow Boys

1 Wyvern missing 1 wing

2 doom divers

1 Warboss on Wyvern

---------High Elf-------------

2 White Lions

----------Wood Elf-----------

1 Noble with a pole arm fliping through the air

2 Warhawks


Sigmarite Auger bare metal never painted assembled (will be tradeing in my favor)


Throne of Power + crew and lord


Kraggi and Furnace

Gombrindal the White Dwarf

Painted Army 5k+ points w/o upgrades prefer to do an army trade with this

--------------Chaos Dwarfs--------------------

1 Hobgoblin Bolt thrower bare metal except wheels

1 Deathshreiker Rocket + Crew Bare Metal

6 Hellcannon crew

4 Forgeworld Infernal Guard Torsos (these are slight miscasts from FW the Sholder/Neckguard are badly pitted or missing a small piece

1 BC Standard Bearer

1 Chaos Dwarf lord holding up an axe (axe was cut off) no banner pole

1 Chaos Dwarf Lord Holding up an axe no banner pole


Big Rule Book current

---------------------Space Orks------------------------

Dakka Jet x3 assembled

Dakka Jet mostly NoS (ask and Ill explain)

------Imperial Guard--------------

Cadian HW crewman x1

Valhallan Heavy weapon crewman x1

Valhallan Commissar x1 This is a special character, dont remember the name

Regular Commissar x1


Tank bits

Chronopia hormigant looking dudes x2


2 Hanged

-----------Magic Cards-------------

There are items for Modern, Standard, EDH, Legacy Burn

More good stuff ask for somthing and Ill let you know if I have it. No p9


Future Batman

The Riddler

Lex Luthor, Orange Lantern

Mera, Red Lantern

Scarecrow, Sinestro Corps

Green Lantern, Hal Jordan

The Flash, Blue Lantern

The Atom, Indigo Tribe

Wonder Woman, Violet Lantern

Wonder Woman

Street Thug


The Question

-------lots of bits------------


------------Chaos Dwarf--------------

Oghla Kahn

Ghazak khan

Hobgoblin sneaky gitz x 50

Blunderbuss x5

Infernal Guard with or without glaves


5 Bull Centaur Renders

Forge World Warmachines

Kadaai Fire Born

Bale Tarus Special Character

Infernal Guard Shields


Demigryph Knights x6

Flagelents 40+ Plastics, not metals (converting to hobgoblins) don’t need these all in one trade but looking for that many or more

Would consider other items as well


AoW Minotaurs

Plastic Minotaurs


Pigdog things

Great Weapons bits




Plastic Dragon Ogre Great weapon bits

------------Ogre Kingdoms-------------

Couple of Bulls or IGs for conversion to Slave Ogres

---------Rogue Trader Books-------------

Lost and the Damned

Slaves to Darkness

Wagggh Orks

Ere We Go



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DO you have pictures of the hellcannon crew and snotling bases?


DO you have pictures of the hellcannon crew and snotling bases?

Hellcannon crew are gone I do have pics of the snotlings