[Archive] [H] Big Hat Chaos Dwarf Army [W] $$ or might consider trade [USA]


It’s a sad day in Whoville. I’ve decided to pass my angry dwarfs off to someone willing to put them on a battlefield.

Pics can be found on DakkaDakka: http://www.dakkadakka.com/core/gallery-search.jsp?u=21196

Here is what I have:

1 Lord on Bull Taurus.

1 Lamassu (Sorcerer included but not mounted).

5 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders. One of these is NIB and goes for $15-30 on e-bay. Including an additional wolf (sans tail).

9 Bull Centaurs, 1 unpainted. I have an additional torso that I found that will be included as well but have no idea where the body went.

20 Hoboblin Archers (Stikkas). Note: one of these has a damaged bow.

12 OOP Black Orcs with dual weapons. Be aware that these guys were notorious for their axes breaking off and many of them have been repaired at some point or another.

1 Earthshaker Cannon w/crew

1 Death Rocker w/crew

1 Sorcerer on foot

1 Metal warrior command (Champion, Drummer, Banner).

16 Plast CD warriors. Note, no shields on any of these guys and I can’t find the shields.

22 CD Blunderbuss Warriors. BIG NOTE: I have a suspicion that some of these may be recasts, or they could just be bad casts from GW; they didn’t always have the greatest quality control back in the day.

58 OOP plastic Goblins about half with spears and the other with bows. I’ve been using them for slaves. (two of these have broken spears)

Nearly all of the miniatures are painted but painted a bazillion years ago.

What I want. $320



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Nice army. I would have definatly considered it. The only thing that is missing for me, is that there are no metal big hat warriors, which is what my CD army is missing. Other than that, this is a very solid army, and will make any CD general very happy to have them inducted into their army.

Good luck on the sale.


Still have army for sell or trade. Will also accept reasonable offers. Thanks!


I am now interested, so PM coming. :slight_smile: