[Archive] H: CD army W: Paypal


Ok after everyone’s suggections I’m going to try to sell as a complete army first then peice out. So without further adue -

16 Hobgoblin Wolfriders w/cmd

21 Sneaky gits w/cmd

20 Hobgoblin archers

12 bull centars w/cmd

2 Hobgoblin Bolt throwers w/crew

2 Death Rockets w/crew

2 Earth shaker cannons w/crew

1 Lammasu w/riders

1 Great Taurus w/riders

2 Sorc on foot

50! Blunderbluss

22 Chaos Dwarf warriors with Great Weps

22 Plastic Chaos Dwarf Warriors with Hand Wep/Shield

5 Command grps – Champ/Musi/Stnd

–The Special Character – Can’t think of the name

Asking 1200.00$

P.M. me if your interested.


Dave - BigGmHunter


thats quite alot of money, I doubt you will get a sale.


Any pics?

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