[Archive] H:� � CD Hellsmith (15% less than ebay start) W: money (paypal only)


1 Chaos Dwarf 2011 Hellsmith model (unpainted, unassembled and in original bag).

A model which will very soon be out of production.


I�?Tve started this with an opening price that is roughly 15% less than the average of all those currently for sale on ebay(.co.uk).  Which is very fair I think.  

I will accept offers for this of £18.50 (including packing) or higher.

This is open for 7 days, after which the highest bidder wins.  If more than one person is interested please reply below so others are aware they need to send me their offer.  I’ll reply here to let people know there’s more than one bidder if needs be.


Postage method must be chosen by the buyer from here:


PLEASE LET ME KNOW THE METHOD OF POSTAGE YOU’VE PAID FOR.  It can be tricky to work it out sometimes.

Packed weight: 87g  It is a [/u] not a large envelope due to the thickness.  Make sure you look at packets not envelopes!


No returns available, I�?Tve quality checked this model and I�?Tve packed it very well.  I cannot be held accountable for damage done in transit.


I will offer a full refund only in the event that the method of postage you�?Tve chosen includes postal insurance and it is lost in the post.  Some post options the tracking ends the moment it leaves the UK, so you�?Td need to make sure it�?Ts insured all the way to your house.


Paypal only (as a Gift).  I will pm the winner my paypal address.

If I don�?Tt get paid within 7 days of this ending I will offer it to the next highest bidder.

These are my terms, only make an offer if you agree with all of them.

Hashut’s Blessing:

You should also make it so that people send the money as a gift, otherwise you’re getting charged for the transactions and it’ll add up quickly.


Sold, so I’ll lock this.

Incidently if anyone needs a Hellsmith just send me a pm.