[Archive] H:CD, WTT for Hobbos!


Hello, I have a number of 5th ed Chaos Dwarf minis to trade! I dont want to sell(untill trades dry up), and would prefer not to buy but can if the price is right. I do not need any more High Hats. I want to trade dwarves for Hobbos. Specificly I am looking for the 5th ed hobbos. I would prefer Sneaky Gits and Bows but anything will do. I am interested in any quantity. I do not need any hobbo bolt throwers (I have 3). I can get a more detailed list some time in the near future but I am at work right now and dont have the full count. In addition I am waiting for a large number of minis to arrive in the mail from a trade. I am not looking to get riped off in a deal nor to rip somone off. I am willing to trade at 1:1 for basic infantry, 2:1 for bull centaurs, and 5:1 on warmachines. At the moment I have the following to trade all numbers are approximate unless marked with a

Death Shreiker x2 **

Dreadquake x1 **

BC Standard  x2

Blunderbuss x 2**

Plastic Great Weapons x41**

Hell Cannon x1 metal (no crew)**

Hobbo Bolt Thrower x1**

Command 2 sets**

Astrogath x1**

Tarus (no rider) x1**

Sorcerer Prophet x1**

What I am looking for

Hobgoblin bows  x30

low on my want list

Swivel Gun (to be used as a unit filler)

Bazooka (to be used as a unit filler)

Hobgoblin wolfriders x10


Is the Hellcannon metal or Resin?


Is the Hellcannon metal or Resin?



Working out 3 potential trades on Blunderbuss, Hellcannon, and GW guys. You 3 know who you are, no more offers for the time being. I will update if necessary! :hat


Updated and current list! I still have two trades pending and will accept some more offers based on updated numbers! :hat off


where are you located? :wink:


where are you located? ;)

USA, Oregon to be exact!To be even more precise at work!!!


Updated with new numbers!!!