[Archive] H: Chaos Dwarfs W: Tzeentch Daemons or $$$

Time of Madness:

Looking to unload the following.

Still after oop 2nd generation horrors (see wants below) or cash via payapl.


FW Chaos Dwarfs

- 2 Daemonsmiths

- 1 Castellan

- 20 Infernal Guard with hand weapon/shields

- Magma Cannon


- Tzeentch Champion (bird head) PIC

- 2nd generation Blue and Pink Horrors PIC

Please note I am only looking for the models in the above picture - not 1st generation horrors

- OOP Flamers of Tzeentch PIC

- Also looking for oop 5th edition metal wood elf dryads

Also would be willing to accept cash offers via paypal.

Time of Madness


Will have to sort through my cellar, the horrors have to be there! Perhaps some dryads, too. Will pm you.