[Archive] H: Dogs of War Pikemen and Duelists W: Paypal



To continue playing warhammer and more specific Chaos dwarves (and still pay the rent) I need to part with some classic models. I also put these guys on the dogs of war forum but as there are a lot of classic miniature freaks here I also put them up here. (I never sold anything on ebay, and maybe I never have to)

So I have:

10 Vespero’s Vendetta Duellists including Vespero.

black undercoated and a touch of brown.

31 Leopolds Leopard company pikemen including 2x comand and 1x banner (and original box)

never been painted.

Kislev Ice queen. striped of painted with badly painted horse.

(no pic sorry)

Let me know if there is any intrest.

splitting is possible.

I have Paypal and will ship world wide, but due to previous experience only with registered post.


Hmm, I am interested in the Leopard company.

There is just the one banner, correct?

Anyway, how much were you looking for?


Make me an offer I cant refuse (:


Make me an offer I cant refuse (:

Your models or my wife!
No wait, MY models of my life.....

Interested in the Duelists, but not sure I can afford atm :~


@nitroglysarine Lol. but I’m happily single so no deal d:

@ChungEssence I was thinking 3-4 euro per model.


Vespero’s Vendetta Duellists including Vespero. sold.